Aventurine Tumbled Stone

Aventurine Tumbled Stone


-Are you in need of a harmonizing energy?
-Maybe you want to abandon your old patterns and make a change?
-Or boost your creativity?

Then Aventurine is the right crystal for you!

Aventurine - the Luckiest crystal of the crystal world. There is no crystal that radiates with prosperity and wealth as Aventurine. If you need a companion for your crystal healing sessions that will help you break out of your old patterns, then you’ve found the perfect one! Not only is Aventurine good for healing on a spiritual level, it also helps in physical regeneration.

If you are looking to boost your creativity or make room for a new healthy, balanced life, then truly there is no other crystal that can do a better job. Once you program your Aventurine with your intentions, it radiates with positive and reassuring energy making you more optimistic and ready to make a change in your life. Even if you feel a little self-conscious, Aventurine will fill you with newfound confidence.

It’s unique energy signature, gives off a playful, filled with joy frequency which is why Aventurine is used to harmonize and balance the Heart Chakra as well as the Solar Plexus Chakra - helping you to transform all that pent up anger into positive vibes.

Awaken your creativity with the power of Aventurine!

Did you know?

Aventurine is well-known as the lucky tumbled gemstone. It is believed that it brings luck to anyone who keeps it close. Because of this, many people who played games of fortune kept an Aventurine stone close by giving it later on the nickname - “The Gambler Stone”.

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