Why I Am Focusing on Forgiving This Year, Starting With Myself

My rough past has left a lot of cracks and fault lines in my psyche, and while moving into new astrological spaces promises success for me in this coming cycle, I realize that if I do not work on myself first, I am only setting myself up for future failure if I do not create a sustainable foundation within me first. 

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Real-Life Heroes!

Sometimes things happen in this world that is just cruel and unfair- there is no reason, but if we look close enough we can see the power and beauty of people who during these times feel powerless. Behind these hidden doors lie heroes of heartache who feelt too much of it.. The real life heroes!

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Guest Writer
Book of the Week – Will I ever be good enough? By Dr. Karyl Mc.Bride

While your parents had the best intention and wanted to help you bring out the best of you and your potential it seems that harsh words can bring more bad than good. In her book “Will I ever be good enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers”, Dr. Karyl explains how this type of behavior drags through your life and can affect you very negatively.

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