Reiki Magic Healing Session (NYC Only)

Reiki Magic Healing Session (NYC Only)


Have you been feeling out of balance lately? Sometimes this can happen when our Chakras aren’t operating at their full potential. This imbalance often occurs when we are going through emotional changes or are having a tough time letting go of emotions or habits that are blocking us. Through the use of Reiki we can rebalance our energy and get back into alignment. And lucky for you, our certified Reiki 1 & 2 Healer will come to your home to help you do just that.

Your session will accomplish the following:

  • Evaluate your chakra functioning

  • Administer Reiki Healing throughout your body

  • Help you curate intentions and affirmations pertaining to the chakras that you are struggling with.

  • Teach you some key intuition development tricks

  • Share with you messages from the angel cards

  • Tips on how to incorporate crystals into your daily life, plus a FREE Chakra Balancing Kit.

Session is only available in person (NYC only),.  

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