The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.
— W.B. Yeats

Dear Reader,

Magic exists everywhere.   In that feeling of familiarity when you first met your best friend.  That time your mom called only seconds after you thought her name. The butterflies from your lover's first kiss.

Funny enough it's so easy to dismiss these feelings or serendipitous moments as soon as they happen.  We live in a world, where if there isn't a scientific explanation for that sparkle, it is simply labelled as magic and discarded.  

Here at My Little Magic Shop, we believe that magic is simply anything we (as a society) don't yet understand.  

Just because we don't understand something, don't mean it doesn't exist.  This magic in life is a huge part of what makes humans special and we are so lucky to be able to experience it.


mylittlemagicshop, spiritual tees and tanks

At My Little Magic Shop, we not only want to help you embrace this magic, we want to help you become more aware of how much the Universe wants to continuously bring you all the things your heart desires.  We are so delighted to embark on a journey towards bringing more light and magic to this world.  

This is why we founded My Little Magic Shop; to serve as a place anyone can go to discover new self care products, magnify their inner magic and remember the world is a magical place.  We strive to bring you products that do just that.  

Our Little Spell Kits series, is an empowerment kit that helps you uncover your deepest desires and then push those desires out into the Universe so that you can manifest them into your life.  If you don't tell the Universe exactly what it is you want, how will it know what to bring you, right?  One Little Wishlets are Brazilian inspired wishing bracelets, that allow you to make a wish, and wear that wish proudly.  Reminding yourself every time you look at it, that your desires are being orchestrated at that very moment.  A Little Zen Box is a monthly, self improvement, self care and inspiration box.  We focus on a different theme each month to help you incorporate that theme more deeply into your daily life.

In time, we plan to grow our little shop, offering a wide range of magical and self-empowerment related items, organizing various themed events, and serving as a true resource center. This is just the beginning, and we fully intend to expand our friendly community and help as many people as possible step into their magic and share their light!

Lots of Light & Magic


the founders

My Little Magic Shop was created by Shereen Campbell (Chief Wellness Officer, seasoned astrologer, intuitive, Certified Reiki 1 & 2 Healer and Certified Crystal Healer) and Natalie Villanueva (the Web Guru, CTO, creative and technology wizard) who are both passionate about making metaphysical, esoteric ideas and spiritual practices understandable and easily applicable.  

Outside of Astrology, Shereen has done Buying, Planning and Merchandising for major fashion brands for almost 10 years. She also writes on all things magical over at and for her column Star Crossed Love at  A candle ritual and an epiphany later, she decided to create a place where folks (hippie fashionistas?) like her could find more hands on guidance for self improvement and self care.  Natalie was excited to jump on board and share her branding and design skills after discovering Astrology actually works. It only takes a seed...

For further information, please don't hesitate to take a look around the website, or contact us with your inquiry. Please join our community, and feel free shop our products – we promise you that you'll come back for more!