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My Little Magic Shop presents, “A Little Zen Box.”

A Little Zen Box

Make self-love and self-care a priority by having all the development tools delivered to your front door, monthly, in an inspiration box. We focus on a different theme each month with 5 to 7 products curated to help you connect with your higher well-being through self-improvement techniques. Pulls from a variety of disciplines, metaphysical and esoteric belief systems.

Connect with your inner magic today!

We have a few spots left for new subscribers to sign up for A Little Zen Box now!  you have only 72 hours to sign up before our list closes again. 

What’s Inside to Help you Discover your Inner Magic?

Crystals, Candles, Tarot Cards, New Affirmations

At Least 5 Rituals to Add to Your Routine/Wellness Regime

Fun Activities, Fun Exercises

Detailed Information About How to Use Off Your Magic Tools

Self-Love Challenges, Manifestation Tips

Your Little Zen Box will have 5 -7 of these items for 50% off the price of buying each of them separately.

Our September box is themed Loving The Root Chakra and will feature the perfect items to help you understand, connect with and balance your first chakra!  

-Loving the Root Chakra: A Little Zen Box will feature 5-7 activities and the required tools for you work through getting to know and understanding your first chakra!  We will learn what it means to have a healthy, balanced and high performing root chakra.  By the time you have finished all the exercises you will know how to check if you chakra is balanced, how to balance it and what your key triggers are that knock it out of balance.

-This box will ship on the 10th of September.

-Valued at more than $80, you are getting 50% off if you attempted to buy these items separately.  Plus money can't buy great instructions, guidance and support included with A Little Zen Box

-Cancel your subscription at any time without fees of any kind.

-Specialized Email & Chat support 




Self care and development products & tools to add to your self-care routine every month right to your door.

Starting at $39 per month for the full sized box with no contract.

What is A Little Zen Box?  

Self-care, self-development and wellness should be a priority in your life.  Unfortunately, it's easy to forget to make the time to explore new ways to love on ourselves.  Well, A Little Zen Box helps you not only remember to do this, but also gives you new ways to do it.  A Little Zen Box gives you a monthly dose of new products & tools to add to your wellness regime.  Also, it's jampacked with fun activities & exercises to teach you new ways to discover your inner magic.  


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How does it work?

Join the list.  After an unbelievable launch, A Little Zen Box is now only available on a first come, first serve basis. Each box is of extraordinary value.  We consciously choose the theme and contents of each one, and only make a limited quantity each month, reserved for our exclusive tribe.  Lucky for you, the list is OPEN for 24 hours only!  Don't miss out, or you will need to wait until our next opening.


Our January box was all about New Beginnings including a Sage Cleansing kit, A New Beginnings Guided Ritual, A Wishing Bracelet and A Crystal focused on bring you new Beginnings!  February was all about Self Love! See below for some of the awesome items we have included!


Cecelia Balagot of Girls Meets World looked magical with her self love box, which was included in her Emmy Weekend Gift Bag.  



Cecelia Balagot

January’s A Little Zen Box theme was “New Beginnings.”

It featured a sage cleansing kit, as well as a ritual, a wishing bracelet, and a crystal all focused on developing a new beginning.

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