A Little Zen Box


Your Monthly Self Care Routine Made Easy.


Self care and development products & tools to add to your self-care routine every month right to your door.

Starting at 39 per month with no contract.

What is A Little Zen Box?  

Self-care, self-development and wellness should be a priority in your life.  Unfortunately, it's easy to forget to make the time to explore new ways to love on ourselves.  Well, A Little Zen Box helps you not only remember to do this, but also gives you new ways to do it.  A Little Zen Box gives you a monthly dose of new products & tools to add to your wellness regime.  Also, it's jampacked with fun activities & exercises to teach you new ways to discover your inner magic.  



How does it work?

Join the list.  After an unbelievable launch, A Little Zen Box is now only available on a first come, first serve basis. Each box is of extraordinary value.  We consciously choose the theme and contents of each one, and only make a limited quantity each month, reserved for our exclusive tribe.  Lucky for you, when you sign up below, you will be the first to know when the list will open for new signups!

Time left until the list opens for new subscribers


A recent A Little Zen Box featured some goodies to help you get your self love game in check.  Cecelia Balagot of Girls Meets World looked magical with her self love box, which was included in her Emmy Weekend Gift Bag.  

We included a mini soy candle from the A Little Light Candle Series, our herbal infusion oil, A Little Love Oil, a love wishlet and just about the coolest activities ever to bring some self loving to our exclusive subscribers.

Cecelia Balagot