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The little spell kits series

Little Spell Kits have been handcrafted to promote empowerment and ensure the user reaches the goals they have set for themselves in a realistic time frame and stress-free environment.

By using the kits, My Little Magic Shop has provided users can bring about changes in their personal and professional lives, and work toward achieving their ultimate life goals.

This is a series of seven kits that have been carefully designed to help users manifest the lives they have been destined for. Each kit is a two-part system where the first includes self-exploration activities, and the second part is the manifestation initiator.

My Little Magic Shop is focusing the first series of kits on the three most crucial areas of people’s lives: love, career and well-being. For example, A Little Career Change will help the user find passion in their professional lives, or re-energize their existing career. 

Find A Little Love, A Little Love Connection, A Healthy Little Push and A Little Inner Peace are also some of the other kits users can find in this series. These kits focus on finding and building a healthy relationships; making good choices to start living a healthy lifestyle; and focusing positive energy into daily routines to maintain a healthy level of stress and balance. My Little Magic Shop has created kits that will help individuals to realize their goals and give them the self-confidence to meet those goals. The only question is: are you ready to make a little magic?

A Little Career Change
For creating a career path of your dreams.

Find A Little Love
For drawing some special loving into your life.

A Little Birthday Wish
For planning your new year.

A Healthy Little Push
For jump starting a new healthy living routine.

A Little Inner Peace
For unleashing your inner zen.

A Little Love Connection
For bringing you and your love just a little closer.



Each Full Sized Kit Includes

Glass Candle Holder
Custom Brewed Ritual Oil
Carving Stick
Affirmations Keychain
Instruction Booklet

One Little Wish


Each mini spell kit includes:

Glass Candle Holder
Custom Brewed Ritual Oil
Carving Stick
Instruction Booklet

The Little Spell Kits Series Price List 

Style Style Description MSRP Cost IMU
LSK001 Find A Little Love $35.00 $18.50 47.1%
LSK002 A Little Career Change $35.00 $18.50 47.1%
LSK003 A Little Love Connection $35.00 $18.50 47.1%
LSK004 A Little Birthday Wish $35.00 $18.50 47.7%
LSK005 A Healthy Little Push $35.00 $18.50 47.1%
LSK006 A Little Inner Peace $35.00 $18.50 47.1%
LSK007 One Little Wish $25.00 $13.75 45.0%

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