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Hey ya'll, hey!  We are soo excited to have you be a part of tribe and we welcome you to our Magic Members Only Suite where we will give you exclusive content to help you Feed Your Soul and Ignite Your Inner Magic!! Some of the awesome treats we will be sharing with you every month are below.  Be sure to check back here often as we are constantly adding new content for you to ignite your inner magic!  If you're not a member, you can check out all the benefits and join here.


Guided Meditations

For those of you who prefer to be guided through your meditations, this is where you can find some really timely meditations that do just that.  New guided meditations will be added frequently on topics including new beginnings, chakras, love, peace and connecting to your higher self.  To get started check out our Healing Chakras and Making Room for New Beginnings guided meditations.


Yoga & Meditation Challenges

Sometimes you need something to keep your yoga or mediation practice consistent and fresh.  Lucky for you we have your back (or mind & body).  We are loading this section up with Meditation and Yoga challenges, tips and tricks, exclusive for our magic members only.  We will have weekly yoga poses to deepen your practice as well as mediation challenges for you to work on throughout the week.


Magical eBooks & eJournals

For all our writers out there, this will quickly become your favorite section.  We are constantly dropping new ejournals and ebooks to help you make your own damn magic.  These pdfs are downloadable so you can print them and write out your musings.  We will focus on all things affirmations, spell casting, setting goals and manifestation.  Doesn't it feel great to be a member?


Astrology Alerts including New Moon tips

There's always something going on with the stars and it's our job to keep you updated on eclipses, New Moons, Full Moons and retrogrades so you use the energy to make your own damn magic.  


And sooo much more!!  

Finally, we will have all the exclusive promotions, giveaways and quizzes for you right here!  We'll be constantly updating this section to keep it fun and magical.  


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