Unakite Tumbled Stone

Unakite Tumbled Stone


-Are you in need of letting go of the past?
-Maybe you want to realize the importance of the present moment?
-Or manifest your dreams?

Then Unakite is the right crystal for you!

Unakite - the Eye Opener of the crystal world. There is no crystal that radiates with healing energy and sense of urgency quite like Unakite. If you need a companion for your crystal healing sessions, that will open your eyes and show you how important the present moment is - then you’ve found the perfect one! Not only is Unakite good for changing your perspective but it is also an excellent crystal for manifesting your dreams.

Unakite unique energy signature gives off an urgency that will shake you to the core. Especially if you have been all over the place, stuck between depression and anxiety but never in the present moment.

All your suffering, all your harmful emotional patterns will become a thing of the past once you meditate with your Unakite crystal. It will open your eyes, and help you achieve the dreams you have put on hold for far too long.

Unakite is also used to harmonize and balance the Solar Plexus, Heart and Third Eye Chakras!

Manifest your Dreams with the power of Unakite!

Did you know?

Unakite is named after the Unaka mountains in North Carolina because that’s where Unakite was first discovered.

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