Week of 10/15-10/21

This New Moon brings focus to your work, coworker, health goals and habits sector, Taurus.  Think back to the Full Moon last April 11th for some clues as to what could come up.  If something unexpected does comes your way, it might relate to some unexpected happenings at your work or with your health.  But, as always, the Universe has got your back.  Earlier this week, on Monday, the Sun and Saturn connected bringing some good news regarding your work life, health sector and non-earned income.  Since this had to do with Saturn (lord of stability) and the Sun (vitality & identity) you might find that whatever perspires could take the edge off what could be an edgy New Moon this week.  Perhaps someone paid you some money you loaned or a loan came through that you needed, just in the knick of time.   Either way, if there are any unhealthy habits you’ve been holding on, this is the most optimum time for you to address them and defeat them for good. How is your work/life balance?  Are you sleeping enough, eating well, and taking care of yourself?  If the answer is no, then now is the time to set some intentions to improve!  If you wish you had a different work environment or are not feeling that great about your work situation, now is the perfect time to reassess.  Please take advantage of the New Moon energy and at least write down some New Moon intentions for what changes you really want.

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