taurus weekly horoscope

Dear Taurus, this week and month overall seems to not be the best time for signing contracts and for starting a new business partnership/romantic relationship (unless you’re aware that it will probably be just a fling). Exes might pop up in your life, but it's more likely to be a temporary revival of affection than a long-term one. Your way of relating to others, your relationship desires and values are now under the magnifying glass- it's not an easy time, but if you feel unloved, remember to give yourself the affection you long for first. Venus retro is a good time to reflect on ending a toxic relationship or on committing to someone- but wait until she goes direct for any major decisions. The 19th is a great day for connecting emotionally with others as Mercury trines Neptune. Try to use this soothing energy to tone down any arising conflicts at the workplace/with authority figures as Mars sends a square to Mercury on the same day.

While your career doesn’t seem to thrive much this week, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus your energy elsewhere. If you are feeling unloved, then it’s time to start nourishing yourself with the love you deserve with a magical Healing Talisman.

Magical Dates:
Love: 15
Career: -
Money: 15, 19

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:
New Moon: -
Full Moon: -


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After Aries won the war, it’s Taurus’ turn to reap the rewards, enjoying a world beyond conflict or the passionate need to achieve. When the Sun enters Taurus, spring is in full bloom. What has been initiated by the Arian fire is now rooted and given staying power by the fixed and earthy nature of this sign.

A Taurus doesn’t want her world to be overly complicated. She needs her senses appeased and her natural liking of beauty and balance satisfied, all this in a way that’s consistent enough for her to be comfortable. Feeling rooted in your body and in the present moment becomes essential in establishing your identity if you have a Taurus Sun, from simply indulging your senses to feeling completely at peace because you have the certainty that this moment here is wonderfully enough.

This is the best attitude for you in all your pursuits: going slowly, steadily, enjoying the process, but not in a blind “carpe diem” way, but with perseverance and commitment to your task. Once you’ve started working towards a goal, your willpower and your practical, down-to-earth approach will make sure that you’ll get where you want to.

Of course, when pleasure and comfort are some of your main values, it’s ideal to balance them with an orientation to growth and to the philosophy of “letting go”. Otherwise, you might be eternally satisfied doing nothing or start depending on exterior sources, be it possessions, situations or people, to supply your daily quota of fulfillment. As the archetype of the “Earth Spirit”, you operate best if you adapt to the natural ebb and flow of possessing, then letting go at the right time.

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