Product Guides

Thank you sooo much for shopping with us!  We are so excited to help you make your own damn magic!  We are put together a few guides to help you use our products.  If we are missing anything or would like anything added be sure to drop us a message anytime to 


One Little Wishlet Product Guide

One Little Wishlet is our Brazilian inspired wishing bracelet.  Check out how to use it here!

One Little Wish Product Guide

One Little Wish is just the kit you need to help you tap into your powers of manifestation and draw whatever you want to bring into your life with loads of light and love.  Get started with yours now!

A Little New Moon Wish Product Guide

A Little New Moon Wish was created to help you tap into the New Moon of the month so you can set intentions that will allow you manifest whatever you wish.  Check out how to use your kit here!