Meet Our Astrologers!!

Shereen C.

Shereen is the Founder of My Little Magic Shop, as Astrologer, eCommerce Planner and Writer for the Column Star Crossed Love!  She's been practicing Astrologer for more than 7 years and uses it to guide all aspects of her life.  For her, Astrology is like an energy weather report.  Just like how you avoid going to the beach in the rain, why chase boys when your chart is saying you should be chasing your career?  She's down to earth, funny and is working hard to develop her intuition just so she can bring some magic into you life.  



Sorana C.

Hi, my name is Sorana Cancel and I’m a Psychology student from Cluj, Romania. I fell in love with astrology a few years ago, when it helped me sort out my existential chaos with some meaningful, awe-inspiring direction signs. I’m a Taurus Sun with Cancer Ascendant and Gemini Moon who is constantly trying to balance comfort with curiosity. You can find me on Tumblr and on Facebook.

She also writes our exclusive Monthly Horoscopes for our Magic Members!



Rhamonda A.

Bio Coming Soon.