A Little Prosperity Oil

A Little Prosperity Oil


Prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and successful social status. A Little Prosperity is an herbal infusion oil, infused with only organic herbs. Whether you want to be more productive or make your customers more wiling to spend money, this oil is known to increase your prosperity consciousness.  

Some common uses for essential oils include:

  • Add several tablespoons to a warm bath for softened skin and delightful aroma

  • Use as massage oil or baby oil

  • Add to your homemade lotion or spray-on moisturizer

  • Use alone as moisturizer

  • Use in wound salves and herbal ointments

  • Include it in homemade lip balms

  • Use in your homemade insect repellent

  • Add a little to your homemade body wash

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