October Monthly Horoscope - Gemini

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Dear Gemini, starting from the 4th, you’ll get an extra boost of energy in your life when it comes to romance and creativity! In the following month, you’re supported to be bold, creative and to actively seek what (or who) makes your soul sing with joy. It can be an intense week emotionally and sexually speaking when both shadows and desires come out to play. On the 13th, the Aries Full Moon can bring some tension in your friendships, but also excitement and passion for the ideals that you believe in. How has the most fiery part of you been dancing in your friendships for these past months? Where can you set more boundaries or express yourself with more courage? How have you been fighting for your ideals? You could see some results in the areas of social causes, groups or technology! This can be a moment of liberation and transformation, but also of abundance. Beyond an intellectual perspective, stay mindful of your deepest emotions during these days and feel what parts of you still need more patience and balance. The week between the 14th and the 20th can bring a heavy workload, but nothing you can’t handle- staying strong and facing your fears could bring opportunities for progress. At the same time, it can be a week when you can benefit from having a softer, more empathic approach at work, especially if you’re working with clients or customers. Bring some creativity to the workplace! Starting from the 23rd, the next month will have you focused on your daily work, your mission and your health habits. The deeper you go, facing your fears and following your goals, the bigger the reward. On the 27th, the Scorpio New Moon shows a new beginning in this area of your life. Is it a new job, a new daily habit? Life could take you by surprise these days! Expect the unexpected and dare to make that change yourself, but be prepared for some frustration as well as the Universe tests your commitment. Finally, starting from the 31st, you might have to revisit some past  health or work situations, redesigning the way you approach your work and your mind-body balance.

Magical Dates:

Love: 13, 17, 31

Career: 13

Money: 15, 20

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 10/13

New Moon: 10/27

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