May Monthly Horoscope - Taurus

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Dear Taurus, the New Moon in your sign on the 4th marks a new beginning in your life- maybe a change in your job, in your relationships, in your appearance or health. Something big is coming up as your season arrives once again! Now you’re supported to turn your ideas into reality, to take concrete steps towards reaching your goal in any area of your life. Things will move slowly, but in a steady manner- something that you’ll particularly enjoy, as it matches your natural rhythm. Take care around the 5th, as you might be prone to taking impulsive decisions when it comes to finances, diet, sexuality or attachments- stay mindful and keep things pleasurable, but simple and beneficial to your well-being. See what fears and emotions may lie behind a tendency to exaggerate with pleasure.

Around the 7th-the 9th, you might be going through a cleansing process, a retreat or a break where your deepest emotions come to the surface towards healing. You could meet inner or outer barriers in this process, especially old beliefs and “shoulds” that you might have internalized from others- try to find the hidden gems in wisdom that you tend to reject with your usual stubbornness. On the 11th, the intentions that you’ve set for the New Moon (regarding those big changes in your life) could become clearer and more defined in your mind, slowly taking form in the real world as well.

Starting from the 15th, for the following month the vibe in your relationships will be as you like it- domestic, secure, comfy. At the same time, it’s a good period for having serious relationship talks. On the 18th, the Scorpio Full Moon is an intensely emotional moment that highlights what transformations you’ve been through lately in your relationships and partnerships. What deep emotions and attachments need release? Renewal could come in an unexpected way, especially through major changes in your life.

Around the 21st, expect increased physical and nervous energy- connecting to your body and to your breath can help a lot now. It’s a good time to come up with business or exercise/diet ideas, as you might find the information that you need more easily now.  On the 22nd, you might feel inspired to write something amazing, to do something for the world at large or to open your heart more towards your friends. Finally, on the 31st, what you’ve been working on since the New Moon (major life changes, especially linked to relationships and pleasure) can now be strenghtened and solidified- keep working towards your goals, you’ve got this!

Magical Dates:

Love: 2, 14, 18 (Full Moon in your house of relationships), 15-31 as Venus is in your sign

Career: 11, 31

Money: 2

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 5/4

Full Moon: 5/18

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