May Monthly Horoscope - Sagittarius

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Dear Sagittarius, the Taurus New Moon on the 4th marks a new beginning when it comes to work and health in your life. Now you’re supported to ground yourself and to take a pragmatic approach to the changes that you want to make in your lifestyle (a new exercise routine, changing your eating habits) or at work. Act from a place of self-confidence and desire for improvement, not from insecurity- you are already enough! Take care around the 5th, as you might be prone to jumping to conclusions, to saying things that you don’t really mean or to taking impulsive action. Stay mindful and think twice before speaking or acting, making sure that you’re doing it in accordance with your values and your truth.

Around the 7th-the 9th, a sense of excitement and adventure in your life, especially linked to romance and creativity, could meet barriers that force you to slow things down- maybe insecurity, the need to provide financially for yourself or simply a need for security in your life at this point in time. On the 11th, the intentions that you’ve set for the New Moon regarding work and health could become clearer and more defined in your mind, slowly taking form in the real world as well.

Starting from the 15th, for the following month your relationships will be focused on working (maybe even working out) together, as well as on commitment and depth. It’s less of a time for having adventures together and more of a quiet, yet intense time. On the 18th, the Scorpio Full Moon is a moment that highlights what transformations you’ve been through lately when it comes to your inner life, your thoughts and feelings, your addictions and your sacrifices for others, as well as your spiritual beliefs. What addictions, unnecessary sacrifices, thought patterns and emotions, deep beliefs need release? Renewal could come in an unexpected way, especially through changes in your work life or health. Keep your faith in this process that supports you to find your belief- be it in God, the Universe, beauty or truth.

Around the 21st, expect increased physical and nervous energy as you’ll likely feel motivated to invest in your relationships and partnerships, to do things together, to chat and to learn with your partner. On the 23rd, deep relationship wounds, desires or insecurities could be triggered by your current circumstances, yet this time you’ve got the opportunity to heal them through open communication and compromise. Finally, on the 31st, what you’ve been working on since the New Moon in the work and health area can now be strenghtened and solidified even further.

Magical Dates:

Love: 2, 14

Career: 2

Money: 11, 31

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 5/4

Full Moon: 5/18

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