May Monthly Horoscope - Cancer

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Dear Cancer, the Taurus New Moon on the 4th marks a new beginning in your friendships, social involvements, unconventional interests (including astrology or innovative technology). Now you’re supported to turn your ideas into reality and to take concrete steps towards reaching your goal next to the people who share your worldview! Things will move slowly, but in a steady manner- something that you’ll enjoy, as it will help you feel secure. Take care around the 5th, as your inner world might be restless and you might be tempted to react out of bottled up anger; this could affect your work life or your health. Stay mindful and find ways to channel your energy through creative or spiritual activities instead.

Around the 7th-the 9th, a sense of excitement and adventure when it comes to your work and career could also meet some barriers, especially from authority figures, that can force you to slow things down. Trust that you’re supported to find and to manifest your mission at this time. On the 11th, the intentions that you’ve set for the New Moon (regarding friendships, groups, causes that you believe in, innovation or astrology) could become clearer and more defined in your mind, slowly taking form in the real world as well.

Starting from the 15th, for the following month the vibe in your relationships will be as you like it- domestic, secure, comfy. At the same time, it’s a good period for taking initiative if you want to express or to change something in your connections to others, as you can now do it with increased objectivity. On the 18th, the Scorpio Full Moon is an intensely emotional moment that highlights what transformations you’ve been through lately in your romantic life and when it comes to your creativity and your relationship with (your) children. What fears and wounds of your inner child need release? Renewal could come in an unexpected way, maybe through a rebellious attitude that you didn’t think yourself capable of or through a sudden insight.

Around the 21st, your inner world could feel particularly restless and you might be prone to overthinking; meditation and breathwork can help a lot now. You might bump into spiritual information that helps you on your journey. On the 22nd, you might feel inspired to dream big, to truly connect to your beliefs and your world vision to weave the reality that you desire. Finally, on the 31st, what you’ve been working on since the New Moon (friendships, groups, causes that you believe in, innovation or astrology) can now be strenghtened and solidified.

Magical Dates:

Love: 11, 14, 18 (Full Moon in your house of romance), 31

Career: 14

Money: 4 (New Moon in your house of money), 9, 14, 30

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 5/4

Full Moon: 5/18

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