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March Monthly Horoscope 2019

Dear readers,

Spring is almost here! The official first day of this season is marked by Venus entering Aquarius: a cool, detached breeze that inspires us to share original ideas with friends, interact with interesting people and focus more on ideas and personal freedom than on emotions or attachments. On the 5th, Mercury retrograde strikes again, this time in Pisces. It might be easier than ever for messages to get mixed up because Mercury in Pisces is dreamy, guided by intuitive logic rather than conventional logic and prone to get lost in beautiful illusions. A double dose of level-headedness is needed to balance this retro season.

On the 6th, the Piscean vibe is more powerful than ever: a Pisces New Moon takes place in tight conjunction with Neptune. This is a new beginning for anything spiritual, artistic, humanitarian. Our dreams and visions are strong and they’re guided by the awareness that we’re not separate: our paths are interwoven, helping oneself means helping others and helping others means helping oneself. Swim carefully through illusions, glamorous ideas that end up being just for show, unclear situations in your life and send unconditional love out to yourself, to those around you, to the Universe- more than ever, it will be felt. The 6th also brings an important turning point: Uranus enters Taurus, where it will stay until April 2026. After having retrograded in Aries in November 2018, stirring our revolutionary and individualistic needs one final time, it will now shake up our values, the way we perceive money and materialistic things, the way we perceive security. Expect small revolutions in these areas of your life for the next 7 years!

On the 13th and on the 15th, the Pisces Sun and Mercury each form a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius. It can be a time of overlooking details, jumping to conclusions, deluding ourselves with false hopes. Stay aware of your ego and your mind’s tendency to jump ahead and try to analyze things before acting. On the 14th, Taurus Mars makes an earthy trine with Saturn, a very favourable moment for turning those dreams into reality through initiating and persevering with concrete action.  What we’re starting now has good chances of being long-lasting.

On the 20th, a Full Moon in Libra shows us how our relationships have been going since last October. This event coincides with the Sun entering Aries at the Spring Equinox, showing how this season’s major theme will be relationships, “me” versus “the other”, individualism versus compromise. We’re entering the season of new beginnings and initiatives, a time to follow our instincts and act with courage and even with chaotic creativity. At the same time, this Full Moon shows us that we have to keep compromise and social convention in mind, even when we feel at our wildest- after all, this is the only way we can keep balanced relationships! The Mars-Pluto trine on this same day supports us with the power to transform our instincts and our impulses, maybe towards more stability and pragmatism. There’s an imperfect Grand Earth Trine on this day that balances our relationships with endurance and staying power. What has to stay will surely stay. What doesn’t… could be difficult to let go of right now, yet the Libra Full Moon calls for a reevaluation and a balanced denouement for things that no longer serve us. The Venus-Mars square on the 21st can trigger relationship tension where tension is due, but it can also increase passion, while the Sun-Chiron conjunction on the 22nd can lead to hurt egos lashing out. Stay aware of any wounds to your masculine side while (re)acting.

On the 26th, Venus enters Pisces and starts weaving a reverie of unconditional love, poeticism and aesthetic sensitivity in our lives. Relationship tensions can soften now as it becomes easier to empathize and to forgive. On the 28th, another burden is lifted when Mercury goes direct again, making it easier to communicate ideas clearly and reach an agreement. If you have to sign contracts or make promises in March, better do it either before the 5th or after the 28th. Finally, on the 31st, Mars leaves Taurus for quick-witted Gemini, where he will be staying until the middle of May. Expect high, but erratic energy levels that can make it difficult to focus on one single thing- multitasking might be a rule rather than an exception during these months. What piques our interest now is new information and socializing, fueled by bright curiosity. Enjoy the ride and keep reading below for your Sun Sign and Ascendant!