June Monthly Horoscope - Sagittarius

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Dear Sagittarius, the Gemini New Moon on the 3rd brings a fresh start in your life when it comes to relationships and partnerships. A new contract or business partnership? A new relationship or a commitment made known? This is the right time, so set your intentions for the next lunar cycle! However, stay aware of a possible tendency to overlook information, to risk too much or to place too much trust in your own opinions and actions without a second thought. What can help you is to stay organized and to keep a critical, objective view on things, both in your relationships and in your career. Around the 7th, you might be feeling more keyed up or anxious than usual without really knowing why; stay open to the emotions that arise and to any insights or opportunities that might come up linked to work or to shared finances. Around the 12th, you could be feeling more impulsive and more reactive than usual in a way that isn’t easy to express, but rather simmers underneath the surface. Issues linked to sexuality, shared finances or energy, trauma or past hurts that might appear in your life could be “battles” that lead you forward on your path. Trust your inner strength…and vulnerability. Around the 14th-16th, this same emotional reactivity could be very high, yet you could feel blocked in expressing it, almost as if the “real world” couldn’t handle it yet. There could be blockages linked to money or resources. Stay grounded and open to the real needs and lie beneath your words and your wishes- the right moment will come to act.

On the 17th, the Full Moon in your sign wraps up what’s been going on in your life in these past months. You could see some results in various areas (relationships, job, family and so on), favoured by lucky circumstances. In the same time, this Full Moon can also show where you’ve overextended yourself, where you’ve exaggerated with risk-taking, jumping to conclusions, being overly optimistic or confident in your own opinions. What needs cleansing and purifying in your life through a more mindful, purpose-driven approach? How can you attract abundance & live your truth while still maintaining balance and an awareness of how our truths as human beings can be different? The 21st is the beginning of a month when intensity, deep connections and commitment will be your main needs. It’s not exactly a happy-go-lucky time, but it’s simply a phase in your year when you’re called to slow down and to look within. Around the 24th, stay mindful of any rosy-coloured glasses that you might be wearing regarding relationships, partnerships, contracts or family. Things might not be as they seem, so take your time to assess them realistically. Finally, around the 27th, you might be feeling like more of a rebel than usual at work or in your intimate life. Trust your instincts and matching opportunities could arise! 

Magical Dates:

Love: 3 (New Moon in your house of relationships), 7, 8-30 (Venus in your house of relationships), especially the 14th 

Career: 7

Money: 18

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 6/3

Full Moon: 6/17

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