June Monthly Horoscope - Aries

Aries Monthly Horoscope

Dear Aries, the Sun, Mercury and Venus dance through your 3rd house of communication, your 4th house of family and inner life and your 5th house of romance and creativity. These are the areas of personal focus for you this month, while on the other side of the zodiac, your 10th house of career and 11th house of networking can give you quite some challenges! The Gemini New Moon on the 13th can bring uncertainties about your education or the way you communicate, as well as mental confusion, but it’s up to you to clear your mind and establish a course of action for the next month. Trust that this new moon cycle supports you to gather useful info in these domains. On the 18th, Neptune starts retrograding in Pisces, in your 12th house- there’s a strong focus on introspection, solitude and deep emotional experiences until this November. Take care of yourself and stay grounded.

On the 26th, Mars joins the retrograde squad in your 11th house- the actions you’ve been taking when it comes to friends, groups and humanitarian issues are now under the magnifying glass, and this is an area where you can notice some patterns that keep repeating themselves. You might feel temporarily blocked or restricted in these domains or you might harbour repressed anger or energy. See what you can improve or re-do with a fresh, innovative approach, but better wait until the end of August to take any decisive action. On the 28th, the Capricorn Full Moon brings you the results of your career efforts since this January- it all depends on how much you’ve managed to stay self-disciplined and true to your purpose. Enjoy the rewards of your hard work and, as difficult as it might be, try to stay patient about possible setbacks! It’s not easy for you with all this Cardinal energy going around- planets in Cancer and Capricorn are making tense aspects with your sign, challenging you and bringing up frustration, but in the second part of the month, you’re getting some sweet support from your fiery ally Leo!

Magical Dates:

Love: 1, 2, 13-30 (romance is lit!)

Career: possibly the 28th

Money: 1, 2

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon:  6/13

Full Moon: 6/28

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