January Monthly Horoscope - Libra


Dear Libra, the Solar Eclipse on the 5th influences your family life, your emotional connections, your home and your sense of security. You’re now supported to slowly shed childhood conditioning or trauma, making space for a new commitment towards your true self and towards the safety and warmth you want to create. Things might feel heavy at home or in your inner space right now, but hang on in there. Patience is a key virtue right now, and in time, we trust that you’ll slowly gain the power and the responsibility to make your own inner peace.

Venus entering Sagittarius on the 7th marks the start of a great time for learning new things, reflecting, networking and socializing. Maybe you’ll pick up a new interest or enjoy writing more on your blog, or perhaps it’ll simply be a good time for chatting with friends! On the 13th, it could be a good time to make a plan or set a clear intention regarding house renovation or buying a new home as Mercury conjuncts Saturn. If there’s a heavy atmosphere at home, remember that limitations can often be pushes forward. The 18th might be an intense day as you could feel the need to rebel against the pressures and the secrets of family or tradition, but the Venus-Mars trine supports you to communicate in a fair and balanced way. On the 20th, the Sun entering Aquarius marks the start of a more detached, cool period when your energy is best invested in romance, creative hobbies and fun.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st shows how you’ve been involved in your friendships, in groups and causes that appeal to you. At the peak of this cycle of creativity, you’re encouraged to reach a conclusion and continue walking on a path where you can surround yourself with the people that truly matter, in groups where you can make a genuine, appreciated contribution. On the 22nd, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction brings good vibes and a dose of good luck on a mental and social plane! Have some fun chats with your friends, go on a small adventure nearby or enjoy learning what you’re passionate about! Finally, on the 31st, Saturn’s sextile with Neptune can soften family tensions through promoting a more soulful, compassionate atmosphere.

Magical Dates:

Love: 18, 25, 31

Career: 16

Money: 18, 25

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon/Solar Eclipse: 1/5

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: 1/21

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