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January Monthly Horoscope 2019

Dear readers,

How do you feel about eclipse seasons? Did you miss the powerful, often life-changing intensity of their shadow play? Don’t worry- January has another rollercoaster for us! But first, we’re starting the year with a Sun-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn on the 2nd. We could name this “the most serious day of the year” as we’re encouraged to reflect on what’s truly essential in our lives and work hard for it, letting unnecessary distractions fall away. It might feel limiting, but long-term we’re in for a treat. On the 5th, we have a Capricorn New Moon near the South Node: a Partial Solar Eclipse. In conjunction with heavy Saturn and gut-wrenching Pluto, this Eclipse is sure to impact some of us on a deep level! You’ll feel it particularly if you have planets around 15 degrees in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. This is a powerful moment where we can shed what keeps us tied to old structures- patriarchy, authority abuse, rigidity, fear of being judged- and start a new phase of assuming responsibility for our own lives and doing the work that’s truest to our hearts. True, powerful work has to include vulnerability and emotion as well (Cancer- the opposite sign). Hang on through this possibly difficult period of transformation, as shedding the old dysfunctional ways isn’t always easy- especially with tradition-loving Capricorn. Solar Eclipses are associated with external events, so you might notice some changes in your life linked to work, authority, structure, public image.

On the 6th, Uranus goes direct. What changes have been cooking in your inner world since last year’s August can now finally take shape in the outside world as well! Being your unique crazy self might be easier again. On the 7th, Venus entering Sagittarius finally releases us from that Venus retrograde in Scorpio heaviness- now we feel more free to love, to explore, to laugh and to have fun! On the 13th, Mercury joining Saturn in Capricorn shows a good moment to turn our ideas into concrete reality, while the Jupiter-Neptune square continues a cycle of spirituality and belief that started last August, now possibly with some tensions. Keep your faith and your spiritual practices strong.

On the 18th, the sky is eventful as Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, making it a heavy time when it comes to communication. In the same time, fiery Venus’ trine with hot Mars encourages us to risk it, flirt, have fun, while the Sun’s square with Uranus can predispose us to impulsive actions. Try to stay level-headed through all the intensity! Luckily, on the 20th, the Sun enters Aquarius, the first planet to enter an Air sign among all the Fire (passion) and Earth (structure, realism) this month. Pieces of the puzzle can now fall together easier, helping us detach from all the craziness and see how this month’s events feed into the bigger picture.

On the 21st, the Full Moon in Leo happens near the North Node, making it a Total Lunar Eclipse. The creativity, passion, self-expression cycle that we’ve started last August has now reached its peak. What we started back then related to education, children, our hobbies, our inner fire will probably show results now. The Leo Eclipse is with the North Node, a symbol of purpose and of future. Not only can we look back and asses a cycle that has ended, but we can also gain new insight and plan for a future where our inner child is more free to follow their passion. Lunar Eclipses are associated with inner changes, so the inner need for fun, attention, freedom can be marked at this time, especially with the Uranus squares (sudden change, restlessness). Be mindful of your internal landscape, especially if you have personal planets around the first degree of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

On the 22nd, Venus joins Jupiter for a conjunction in Sagittarius. Mark this day in your calendar (and the surrounding days as well), as it’s a great time to socialize, flirt, enjoy fun times with the one you love or have a crush on. Surprise your partner with a gift or an unexpected adventure plan or make a daring move to approach your love interest- just remember to play honestly & avoid excessive indulgence and the Universe will totally have your back! On the 24th, Mercury follows the Sun by entering Aquarius, heralding a more detached, intellectual and freedom-loving way of thinking and socializing. We’re heading towards more playful times when we’re supported to meet like-minded people, to be active in groups and to share ideas. Finally, on the 31st, Saturn meets Neptune in a beautiful sextile. Saturn- structure, responsibility- is powerful in Capricorn, Neptune- dreaming, dissolution, imagination- is as powerful in Pisces. This is a time when we’re supported to be practical dreamers, visionary entrepreneurs, combining imagination with pragmatism and turning our dreams into reality. No wonder that we have our eclipses in Leo (imagination) and Capricorn (pragmatism) this month!

How will 2019 start for you? Read below for your Ascendant and Sun Sign!