February Monthly Horoscope - Libra


Dear Libra, tensions or power struggles with your partner, business collaborator or with family could intensify around the 1st. A “make it or break it” kind of moment can face you with your own strength and willpower, challenging you to be decisive in relation to others.  

On the 4th, the Aquarius New Moon can herald a new start in romance, creativity, education, contact with children. A favorable astral configuration is forming for you, indicating opportunities for good things in this area- it just requires your initiative and a bit of courage to get past the first barriers! You’re supported to meet new people, communicate, act together with them and this can lead to an unexpected romance or to new creative ideas.

Around the 13th, relationship conflicts could suddenly intensify, releasing built-up anger or resentment. You can turn this into a moment of authenticity and personal freedom, breaking free from relationship patterns that have been harming you, but do it mindfully, with respect for others as well as for yourself. Starting from the 14th, for the next two months your energy will be more introspective, secretive, intense than usual. You’re supported to invest in merging with someone else (through intimacy, common finances, a common life), as well as in looking within to see the fears and the patterns that might be holding you back. It will be a transformative time for you.

On the 19th, the Virgo Full Moon faces you with the results of your inner life since last September: dreams, fantasies, creations, as well as spiritual practices, beliefs, compassionate acts. It’s clearly an inner focus for you as emotions run high, asking for dissemination: what dreams and fantasies can actually turn to reality? How can you transcend and integrate reality rather than escape it?

Finally, on the 26th, old patterns linked to love and relationships, especially close, intimate relationships or family links, can resurface. Allow for what’s happening now to guide you towards individuating from those close to you and finding your own path in the world.

Magical Dates:

Love:  4 (New Moon in your house of romance), 7, 18, 27

Career: 12

Money: 7, 27

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 2/4

Full Moon: 2/19

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