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February Monthly Horoscope 2019

Dear readers,

The start of February is marked by a strong Mars-Pluto square on the 1st- a conflict of authority, power, freedom versus structure, old versus new. Tense circumstances or controlling people might complicate our lives, challenging us to find a better way of expressing our personal will and power. On the 3rd, Venus enters Capricorn, amplifying our need for security and commitment in relationships for the next month.

On the 4th, the Aquarius New Moon in conjunction with Mercury is a great start for bright ideas in technology and innovation, as well as for a new lease of life in our groups and social projects. This moment’s vibe is cool, breezy and unconventional, supported by a Minor Triangle with a Mars-Jupiter trine as the base. We might bump into awesome opportunities that allow us to use our willpower and a taste for adventure to start something new and original. However, it might take some time until long-term results show themselves since struggles with authority, structure, convention might interfere for now.

Beyond that, the 9th can be a good moment that supports us with insight, daring ideas and tolerance for diverging opinions as Mercury sextiles Uranus, while the 10th marks Mercury’s ingress into sensitive Pisces until the end of the month, bringing some much-needed water energy to the current cosmic landscape. Use it to dream, meditate, write (maybe even automatic writing), giving your mind a gentle break from reality.

On the 13th, Mars perfects an explosive conjunction with Uranus in Aries. Expect fireworks, ego clashes, impulsivity- expect the unexpected and try to think twice before doing something you might regret later. This might be a moment when the pressure of ongoing authority/control struggles might finally find a release- it’s up to you for this release to be meaningful and freeing, without hurting anyone (too much). On the 14th, Mars leaves his home sign Aries and enters steady Taurus, a sign where he isn’t exactly at his peak vitality and assertiveness. The next two months are less for starting new things with a boom and more for working on what we’ve already initiated, keeping a steady rhythm even if the slowness can sometimes get frustrating.

On the 18th, the Sun enters Pisces for the following month, heightening inspiration, intuition, imagination. Use this watery energy to create and to connect to something higher! On the 19th, the Virgo Full Moon shows how you’ve been handling daily work and health matters since last September. Are you working just for the sake of work, or do you sense a personal mission (Pisces) behind the daily hassle? Are you sacrificing too much or, on the contrary, keeping too much to yourself because no one else seems to be good enough? Mars in Taurus supports this Full Moon with a slow and steady energy for changing what bothers us at work or with our health, while the Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Pisces calls for us to be compassionate dreamers who also have their feet on the ground. Set your boundaries clearly to avoid feeling overworked, used or bitter towards others.

On the 26th, Venus conjuncts the South Node in Capricorn, close to Pluto. Old relationship patterns such as obsession, resentment, power struggles might resurface; even exes or karmic contacts can come up in our lives now. Be mindful of the heavy atmosphere and keep in mind that it’s temporary- better try to make friends with those inner shadows. Finally, on the 27th, a Sun-Mars sextile can help us take action towards fulfilling our dreams and enhancing our sense of security.

If the month started with strong fire and air energy- initiative, socializing, expanding, the end of February brings a tamer atmosphere of introversion, emotionality and stability. How will the current cosmic landscape influence you? Read below for your Sun Sign and Ascendant!