August Monthly Horoscope - Aquarius

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Dear Aquarius, around the 7th you could have some opportunities or reconsiderations of past situations when it comes to relationships, partnerships, social involvements. It can be a time that precedes growth in these areas! On the 11th, Jupiter goes direct in your 11th house of friendships, groups, dreams for the future, astrology, so if things have been moving slowly in the past four months in these areas, now a change of pace is due. What insights have you gained when it comes to the people you hang out with? Do they share your interests and your vision? How will you move forward? On the 15th, the Full Moon in your sign shows the results of what’s been happening in the past months in your life. You could see some results in areas that are important to you, such as job, relationships, hobbies, friendships. At the same time, you’re now called to balance self-orientation with an orientation towards others, individuality and an intellectual spirit with the ability to compromise and to relate to others from the heart, letting go of the thoughts, attitudes and behaviors that might be holding you back. Starting with the 18th, your energy and willpower will be best invested in matters linked to sexuality, to shared finances, to the subconscious mind; it can help to avoid demanding too much of others or of yourself, to find the courage to face your shadow. The fact that your main focus for the following month will be on this more mysterious area of life is becoming more obvious starting with the 23rd, while the 24th can bring some intense moments with your lover. On the 28th, you are supported to take (calculated) action towards change if there’s something linked to sexuality, to shared finances, to home or family matters that has been limiting you or stagnating for too long. It’s time for something new and different- maybe a good moment of experimenting in the bedroom.  Finally, on the 30th, the Virgo New Moon marks a new beginning in your life when it comes to intimacy, shared resources, the subconscious mind, occultism and working with your shadow. A lot of energy is focused now in this area, giving you the chance for a new, improved start, so reflect, analyze, set your intentions and dare to venture within. It might not be a very easy time, as it could mean facing your demons, but it will be totally worth it, as “transformation” is next month’s keyword for you.

Magical Dates:

Love: 7, 14, 21, 28. Until around the 20th, the focus will be on relationships for you!

Career: 24, 28

Money: 7

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 08/15

New Moon: 08/30

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