April Monthly Horoscope - Scorpio

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Dear Scorpio, on the 4th you might find that communication matters (speaking, writing, thinking) linked to obsession, secrecy or control repeat themselves, still showing something left to solve. The New Moon on the 5th marks a new beginning when it comes to work and health in your life. Even if you might have some issues with communication at work or with information about your health state, this fresh start gives you an opportunity to take initiative at the workplace and to take matters in your hands when it comes to your own well-being.

Starting from the 10th, Jupiter retrograde calls for slowing down and reassessing things when it comes to the way you earn and spend money. What has been fair, balanced and serving your highest purpose in these areas? What hasn’t? Take time to reflect and to change your approach if necessary- for example, to make less impulsive decisions when it comes to money. The way you appreciate yourself and the way you relate to the natural world are also main themes in the following months. What you’re starting now might need to be reconsidered later on, so it might not be the best time to make a big investment unless it’s something you’ve tried or thought about before. On the 13th, communication issues with co-workers could feel limiting; stay assertive, yet also try to lighten up your approach to the conversation.

The Full Moon on the 19th is an intense moment when spiritual, artsy, less concrete matters from your life come to a point of fulfillment- either pleasant or less so, but almost certainly intense. How have you been unconsciously letting yourself be influenced by others’ opinions? Are there any secrets, hidden truths at your workplace? How can you handle them in a fair and balanced way? Now is a time to cleanse those attitudes or those realities that haven’t been working for you- it might happen in an unexpected manner! A suggestion to balance all this energy is to go on a small escape, maybe a city break, to clear your thoughts. Starting from the 20th, the next month is a month when your energy is best invested in your relationships and partnerships, finding balance between yourself and others.

On the 22nd, a sudden change can surprise you in this area. Welcome this unpredictable energy by making a change yourself: let go of a relationship that doesn’t serve you, do something unexpected for the one you love. On the 24th, it’s the start of a period when obsessive thought patterns or communication issues linked to control or secrecy might resurface, asking for increased awareness from your part. Finally, on the 29th, Saturn starts retrograding in your communication sector as well. If you’re starting a new blog, social media page or communication project, it could come with karmic implications or require reconsideration later on; a good idea might be to go back to something you’ve already tried or started before. What’s certain is that the following months will have you reconsider your approach to communication, prompting you to put your thoughts in order and to express yourself in a confident, insightful, yet open and empathic way.

Magical Dates:

Love: 1-20 (Venus in your house of romance), especially 10&14

Career: 14

Money: 14

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 4/5

Full Moon: 4/19

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