October Monthly Horoscope - Sagittarius


Dear Sagittarius, on the 5th, Venus retrogrades in your 12th house of inner life, meditation, dreaming, art. Until the 15th of November, your inner life might be a bit unstable, maybe you’re feeling alone, unloved or lacking inspiration. Venus retrograde here wants to teach you the value of solitude, the feeling of a universal connection that reveals to you how you’re never on your own. Take your time to reflect, meditate, connect to a universal source of Love to counter those possible nasty moods. On the 8th, the Libra New Moon marks a new start when it comes to friendships, social groups and causes, hopes for the future. A desire for increased financial security might run counter to your wish for freedom and growth, but the New Moon's trine with Mars supports you with a strong impulse towards knowledge and progress. Set intentions of fairness and balance in the way you relate to society at large and to your own aspirations. It can be a good time to gather with friends, as long as you keep interactions light. The Sun’s square with Pluto on the 12th might increase tensions with friends or related to security vs progress, but a strong New Moon intention can help you pull through. On the 19th, save some time to meditate, relax alone/with family or weave some dreams as Mercury trines Neptune. You can also use the aspect’s soothing energy to tone down any arising conflicts as Mars sends a square to Mercury on the same day. On the 24th, the Taurus Full Moon brings to fulfillment what has started this May regarding daily work, routines and health. Sudden changes might come up at work; it could be the fulfillment of an opportunity (including financial benefits!) that crowns your past efforts. However, it’s not an easy astral moment as you’re called to re-evaluate your inner world, your deepest beliefs, beyond the daily grind. It’s ideal if you can find a balance between getting involved in real life and taking time to connect to something bigger than you, ideally through practices such as yoga, Reiki, manifestation, anything related to the material plane. See whether you’re attached to either your daily struggle or to a world of fantasy. On the 29th, Mercury conjunct Jupiter in your 12th house can expand your intuition and understanding. It’s a good day for dream journaling, automatic writing, art in general.

Magical Dates:

Love: 12, 15, 19, 22, 29

Career: 12, 15, 19, 22, 29

Money: 12, 24, 27

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 10/8

Full Moon: 10/24

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