Monthly Horoscope - October Monthly Horoscope 2018


Hello October!


October Monthly Horoscope 2018

Dear readers,

October’s celestial landscape starts with a Mercury-Pluto square on the 2nd. With Libra and Capricorn involved, power dynamics in relationships are now coming to surface, increasingly difficult to bury under a harmony that might only be apparent. Take initiative to communicate about serious things, but try not to get too muddled up in those heavy undercurrents. On the 5th, Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio. Until the 15th of November, a re-evaluation of our relationships takes place- not only relationships to others, but to ourselves, to our deepest needs, values and emotions. Old flames might reappear in our lives and love, financial or artistic matters might seem to come to a standstill, facing blockages or delays. Someone new might appear in our lives only to make their way out as Venus goes direct again. With Scorpio and Libra involved, we’re called to turn inwards and analyse our deepest feelings and needs. Ask yourself- what do you really need? Are you relating to yourself, to others and to the material plane (money, objects, the senses) from a place of fear, defensiveness and projection of your own shadow? What do you truly value, how can you find balance? How can you get to know yourself better so you can attract good things in your life?

The square that Venus forms with Mars on the 10th might bring up heated issues or passionate encounters as the deep need for security (Scorpio Venus) clashes with the need for independence (liberal Mars in Aquarius). On the 24th, the love goddess’ sextile with Saturn might bring an opportunity for secure, stable love to manifest or for hard work to be valued at its real worth. The Sun’s ingress into Scorpio on the 23rd is the start for that time of the year when spirits dance (Halloween, anyone?) and mystery unfolds, supporting us to dive deep into intimacy, magic, ourselves. As this witchy Sun conjuncts Venus on the 26th, romance becomes an essentially heart-centered matter that calls us to reveal and alchemize our deepest vulnerabilities. Both the Sun (on the 23rd) and Venus (on the 31st) will oppose Uranus, so the need for security- need for independence clash will be even stronger at this time as unexpected turns of events challenge us to find creative solutions, new ways of being and of loving. Extremes of either strong attachment or total detachment are rarely efficient. On the 31st, Venus enters Libra in her backward motion, highlighting issues of equality and compromise as we’re called to keep the scales in balance between “I” and “the other”. What is, after all, the price of love?

On the 8th, the Libra New Moon, ruled by Venus, brings these things to the fore with even more intensity. We might feel a little up in the air, our sensitivities challenged by social expectations or clashes with authority (Sun-Moon square Pluto), but fortunately an airy trine with Aquarius Mars gives us the strength and the initiative to get things moving. Use this moment to set intentions about relationships or finances and visualize your desired outcome, using the law of attraction in your benefit. Remember that we only attract what matches our vibe and have a little patience, because the seeds planted on this New Moon might only manifest after Venus goes direct again.

On the 9th, Mercury enters Scorpio, encouraging intuitive thinking, therapy, exploration of subconscious patterns, magic and profound conversation. This Scorpio Mercury will make an abundance of aspects this month, definitely making itself noticed! On the 10th, its opposition with Uranus can bring forward electric ideas, polemics or sudden changes in short trip plans, shaking us out of our comfort zone. Stay grounded through this high voltage energy. The 15th is great for socializing (in a deep, sultry Scorpio manner) as the winged god conjuncts love goddess Venus. Deep relationship matters might re-emerge at this time and get a chance for closure through talk and cooperation. The water trine with Neptune on the 19th supports psychoanalysis, dreamwork, meditation and intuitive work as compassionate communication with others becomes easier, even when tensions run high (the square with Mars on this same day might have some sparks flying). The sextile with Pluto on the 22nd might find that some issues around power/relationships from the 2nd have now turned into opportunities for growth (towards a more in-depth understanding, more commitment and mental strength), while the conjunction with Jupiter on the 29th is an intense moment when we’re supported to expand occult knowledge, to widen our horizons when it comes to self-knowledge and hidden info, to know our feelings and our fears profoundly and transform them through awareness. Luck with financial transactions/shared finances is indicated as well! Finally, Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 31st, becoming more extroverted, an adventure seeker ready to explore new mental territories and to spread knowledge as well as optimism all around. Learning, insight, little adventure trips, new experiences will be supported at this time!

On the 24th, the Taurus Full Moon is in theme with the Venus retro current as issues around money, security, values, pleasure that started this May are now coming to fruition. The Taurus-Scorpio opposition highlights themes of stability versus crisis, safety versus emotional intensity, concrete versus invisible. The Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus can be very stubborn in hanging on to dear comfort (attachments, money, pleasure) while the Sun conjunct retrograde Venus in Scorpio calls for a reevaluation of attachments, a revision of values – including our attitude to money-, a deepening of our sight towards transformation. It seems like there’s no way around knowing our deepest emotions and transforming ourselves, as uncomfortable or sudden as it might be. Squares with both Lunar Nodes intensify this push and pull between the constraints of the past and future transformation. A solution to this tension can come from Saturn in Capricorn: through hard work and taking responsibility for ourselves, we can keep it real, leaving attachments behind and maintaining self-discipline on our path. If you’ve been playing it well since May, this Full Moon might bring some sudden financial benefits, rewards for your work, a deeper commitment in your relationship. With the Moon-Uranus conjunction, make sure to practice some grounding exercises and keep external change to a minimum for a couple of days, so you won’t feel too shaken up.

How will this October play out for you? Keep reading for your Sun and/or Ascendant sign!