November Monthly Horoscope - Scorpio


Dear Scorpio, the New Moon in your sign on the 7th falls in your 1st house of self, appearance, social mask, life path. It’s the beginning of a healing and transformation process that will change you deeply in the following months. Something new might start in your life (a new job, project, relationship), you might re-invent your image or you might simply change your attitude towards yourself and your current life path, wanting to express yourself more creatively from now on. On the 8th, Jupiter entering your 2nd house marks the start of a lucky and expansive year when it comes to money, talents, abilities, material security, sensory pleasures. The 26th brings some extra fortune in this sense! However, take care this year not to exaggerate in these matters, wanting too much or overextending yourself. Starting with the 15th, Mars will be transiting your 5th house, energizing you to invest in your romantic relationships, your hobbies, your children, your creativity. Here is also where you might encounter some challenges- establish some boundaries and try not to glamorize yourself or others too much. On the 16th, Mercury retrogrades in your 2nd house; that Jupiterian abundance might be temporarily out of reach as you might be needed to rebudget, redesigning your way of handling money. Be careful with major purchases at this time, as they might not be exactly what you paid for. On the 23rd, the Full Moon in Gemini wraps up what happened in the last months linked to shared finances, taxes, debts, sexuality, the occult and transformation. Possible relationship conflicts linked to money or negative emotions (resentment, jealousy, reenacting past traumas) can be solved if you keep a level-headed approach, looking at your own shadow with a critical eye. Finally, around the 30th, relationship issues linked to self-affirmation, individuality versus cooperation, independence could find a solution at last.

Magical Dates:

Love: 7, 9, 26, 27

Career:  6, 11, 20, 26

Money: 7, 26, 27. The whole following year!

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 11/7

Full Moon: 11/23

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