November Monthly Horoscope - Sagittarius


Dear Sagittarius, the Scorpio New Moon on the 7th falls in your 12th house of solitude, spirituality, compassion, art and dreams, self-undoing. It’s the beginning of a healing and transformation process that will change you deeply in the following months. You might start a new spiritual practice, have meaningful nighttime dreams or gain new insights into your deepest soul patterns. On the 8th, Jupiter entering your sign marks the start of a lucky and expansive year for you! Your desire to travel, grow, expand your consciousness will increase and will be sustained by your life circumstances. The 26th brings some extra fortune in this sense- you can expect some good news! However, take care this year not to overextend yourself or get too lost in the big picture: pay attention to details as well. Starting with the 15th, Mars will be transiting your 4th house, energizing you to invest in your family life, your home, your inner security and self-knowledge. Here is also where you might encounter some challenges that strengthen your will- try not to lose yourself too much in your own subjectivity or stubbornness. On the 16th, Mercury retrogrades in your 1st house; that Jupiterian abundance might be temporarily out of reach as you might find it more difficult than usual to make yourself heard with the people around you. Keep communication simple, flexible and don’t be afraid to revisit old projects for a finishing touch. On the 23rd, the Full Moon in Gemini wraps up what happened in the last months linked to relationships and partnerships. You might feel an impulse stirring you from within, asking for either more independence or more closeness; balancing the two and recognizing your projections on others are your challenges right now. Finally, around the 30th, relationship issues linked to sacrifice, karmic debts, health, daily work and service could find a solution at last.

Magical Dates:

Love: 7, 9, 26, 27

Career:  6, 11, 20, 26

Money: 7, 26, 27. The whole following year!

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 11/7

Full Moon: 11/23

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