Monthly Horoscope - November Monthly Horoscope 2018



November Monthly Horoscope 2018

Dear readers, a busy month awaits us as planets change their direction and their vibe, creating a totally unique November. On the 1st, Jupiter’s water trine with Chiron helps us heal old emotional wounds through new understanding and awareness. We’re heading towards the end of this emotional healing process before Chiron’s ingress into Aries next year. On the 6th, Uranus retrogrades into Aries, where it will stay until April 2019. It’s one last chance, one last personal and especially social revision of how we express our individuality and act out our authentic truth. We might see reiterations of protests or conflicts that have been ongoing for the last years. The corresponding inner shift is towards a more self-reliant, self-directed, confident attitude in the face of change.

On the 7th, the Scorpio New Moon is an emotional, sensitive moment marked by a water trine with Neptune and a sextile with Pluto. The typical uncertainty of a new moon is still there, especially linked to our deepest emotions, vulnerabilities and needs, but we’re supported to be compassionate to ourselves and to others and to seize opportunities for inner transformation. Set your intentions when it comes to shared finances, sexuality, deep self-knowledge, occult practices. If you’ve been looking for a moment to start therapy or any kind of profound self-analysis and healing process, this is it!

On the 8th, Jupiter enters Sagittarius. Until December 2019, he will be transiting his home sign, supporting adventure, self-growth, the legal and medical system, as well as any form of higher knowledge such as philosophy or spirituality. We might notice improvements in the legal system and a general focus on rules and regulations, but also a more cheerful, adventurous and enthusiastic mood as we’re called to fully seize the moment. We could say that the following year is a lucky one!

Changes continue throughout the month as Mars enters Pisces on the 15th. After a long retrogradation in revolutionary Aquarius, the vibe now becomes softer and dreamier. Mars’ usual directness is replaced with dreaming rather than acting; acting indirectly or subversively; in the highest form, acting creatively and with compassion. Until the 1st of January 2019, vital energy might be lower than usual and we might feel unfocused at times. It’s best if we can channel this energy into creative and spiritual pursuits without forcing ourselves to be super-organized or productive in daily life. It might simply not come naturally right now.  

On the 16th, Venus finally goes direct! This month, her retrograde through Libra had us looking twice at the relationships and the written/unwritten contracts in our life. Starting from now, the love, relationship, money issues that have been revisited since the 5th of October find a conclusion. What is staying and what is falling away from your life, leaving space for better things? On the same day, Mercury is starting his retrogradation through Sagittarius. Plan that escapade in a foreign country with extra care and watch out for publishing issues, legal issues or medical diagnostics that might need a second opinion. We might tend to be a little too confident with our opinions now- take your time to consider your perspective and make sure that the truth comes to light.

On the 22nd, the Sun enters Sagittarius, marking that time of the year when we’re supported to explore, to travel, to form and express opinions based on thorough study (college, courses, trainings or individual development of understanding). On the 23rd, the Gemini Full Moon brings to a conclusion what you’ve started this June linked to study, ideas, communication, media, short trips. Mars squaring this Full Moon and Jupiter conjunct the Sun point towards a highly emotional moment. Instinctual reactions coming from past, maybe even subconscious hurts are amplified to an extreme. Rationalization might be the most natural way to cope right now; in the highest form, we can analyze our feelings and choose our reactions consciously, but make sure not to avoid truly living your emotions as well. Root yourself through grounding exercises and simple rituals to calm down your over-reactive emotions. Mindfully asserting yourself in front of others is important right now.

On the 24th, Neptune goes direct after five months of retrogradation. It’s the end of a highly spiritual, introspective and dreamy period when we can integrate what we’ve learned or get our lives back on track if we’ve been letting ourselves swayed by fantasies or addictions. The 26th is dubbed “the luckiest day of the year” as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter, this time right in Jupiter’s home sign! Fun, generosity, expansion, adventure and a taste for higher understanding are some keywords for this day, so make sure you enjoy it fully. Finally, now direct, Venus makes a final opposition with Uranus on the 30th, re-igniting relationship issues (instability, changes, individual will versus compromise) from the end of October and hopefully bringing them to a conclusion.

How will this packed November play out for you? Read below for your Sun and/or Ascendant sign!