July Monthly Horoscope - Taurus


Dear Taurus, in the first week of July, the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune are forming a Great Trine in your air houses (Sun-Jupiter trine on the 5th and Sun-Neptune trine on the 8th), so make the most of it by going out and finding comfy contexts where you can socialize and learn new things! Starting with the 10th you can breathe easily, as Jupiter going direct in your 7th house can dissipate tensions and blockages that might have been influencing your relationships and partnerships since February. After what was meant to be uncovered was revealed, things are finally picking up the pace towards progress! On the 12th, the Cancer Solar Eclipse brings into focus the way you relate to your proximal environment, the manner in which you receive and share information. Communicating from a place of empathy and intuition might feel temporarily blocked as what you thought was valid could change overnight. However, what seems unfamiliar and frightening is often the same old, yet in a new, improved form: a fresh cycle of learning and communicating intuitively, with nurturing care to both others and yourself. We trust you to hang on through the uncertainty of this Eclipse! The week between the 14th and the 21st will have you making adjustments as diligent Mars (10th house) is inconjunct entertainment-oriented Venus (5th house) and comfort-loving Mercury (4th house) is inconjunct explorer Pluto (9th house). It’s best if you can find different outlets in your life for each of these energies. The Sun entering Leo on the 22nd heralds a month of tending to your home and taking care of your family & inner space as a solid presence that isn’t afraid to radiate warmth and self-confidence. Be careful not to get too stuck in outdated ways, though, as this might spark up conflict! Mercury retrograding in your 4th house starting with the 26th might re-enact some of those old childhood patterns in how you communicate with others. This is not a great time for moving out; it’s more advised to make renovations to your current place. However, if you do move, make sure to double check any paperwork. The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th shows you how your career plans have materialized since this February. Your love for the safety of your own home might encounter a shadow side that wants to step forward, even aggressively, and make a name & space for itself on the world’s stage. Rebellion, competition and stubbornness could be influencing you from the shadows when it comes to your career- the Eclipse is a time when you can recognize these tendencies if they exist and channel them through sports or healthy types of competition.

Magical Dates:
Love: 9-31. The odds are in your favor!
Career: 14
Money: -

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:
New Moon, Eclipse:  7/12
Full Moon, Eclipse: 7/27


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