Monthly Horoscope - July Monthly Horoscope 2018


Dear Readers, 
We can see the start of this summer month through a dreamy haze as the Sun makes trines with Jupiter on the 5th and with Neptune on the 8th in the form of a Grand Water Trine. In this time to dream, to create and to relax with loved ones, we might also be reminded of emotional links to the past or be challenged to keep healthy limits when we offer our support to others. Watch your words on the 5th as Mercury in Leo opposes Aquarius Mars- we know that by this time, revolting against outdated circumstances in your life has become a must, but try to express yourself with integrity and from the heart rather than from a place of anger. When the same Leo Mercury squares Jupiter on the 9th, sparks may fly as egos clash. Old promises are put to the test for a last time before Jupiter, having been retrograde since March, now goes direct on the 10th. It could come as a cosmic sigh of relief as some affairs linked to other people’s finances, sexuality or the occult finally wrap up, leaving us with more freedom to grow and to manifest what we’ve been mulling over these past months. On the same day, Venus enters Virgo, turning the volume down on our pleasures and resting her case for an aesthetic based on pragmatism and a love that wants to be of service to others. Her trine with Uranus on the 12th and with Saturn on the 14th could show unexpected solutions to karmic relationships, re-establishing a balance between commitment and independence. 

When head meets heart with the Cancer New Moon on the 12th, they share the same desire: a space where it’s entirely safe to be authentic. However, this New Moon also marks the first Eclipse of the month, so Cancer’s proverbial security might get temporarily suspended and replaced by confusion, uncertainty and emotional muddy waters. When it comes to family, roots and deep emotions, things might not be the same after this cosmic landmark- arm yourself with patience, kindness and an Inner Mother archetype strong enough to keep that safe space within yourself no matter the upheaval in your life. Self-compassion, letting yourself guided by intuition, generosity and a willingness to let those inner monsters come to light could be key features of this Eclipse Survival Toolkit. Surrendering control and daring to be vulnerable become paramount in this cosmic new beginning.

On the 14th, Venus trines Saturn- if you have serious intentions towards someone, this is the day to make them known! Between the 14th and the 21st we have a week where adjustment is key. The Venus-Mars quincunx on the 16th can make us compartmentalize between what we love (Venus in Virgo: diligence, following routines, focusing on details, especially in our relationships) and what we’re actually driven towards (Mars in Aquarius: innovation, freedom, the bigger picture). On the same day, Mercury forms a quincunx to Pluto: while our drive to socialize is marked by creativity and flair (Mercury in Leo), a deeper force may pull us towards only the most profound, serious of matters (Pluto in Capricorn). The best way to handle these aspects is to find different outlets in your life for what each archetype represents.
On the 22nd, King Sol enters his rightful palace in Leo. It’s that time of the year when nothing can stop you from being fully, unabashedly yourself! Put your party outfit on and prepare to create and to enjoy life to the max. On the 24th, with Venus opposing Neptune, be careful not to exaggerate that illusion of perfect love, because it might turn out to be just you sacrificing yourself for a hopeless dream. The 25th might bring up tension as wills clash and neither party is willing to back off. Sometimes friction can be the only way to own your birthright to self-expression. On the 26th, Mercury starts retrograding through the same fiery Leo until the 19th of August. Try not to take misunderstandings or delays personally during this time- the Universe has nothing with you, it’s just the usual cosmic confusion as messages get scrambled and sometimes miss their target.  As much as you want to express yourself loud and clear at this time, thinking twice before speaking or reacting out of hurt pride might serve you better. 
The 27th brings us the second Eclipse of the month, when the Aquarius Full Moon conjuncts the South Node and opposes the Leo Sun. It’s a time when the results of what you started this February regarding friends, larger groups, humanitarian pursuits will return to you- and how! On the Eclipse, the Moon conjunct Mars and the South Node reveals a shadow side that we all have: one that is aggressive, relentless, the rebel without a cause or the mindless executer of orders. On the opposite side, the Leo Sun conjunct the North Node encourages us to own our sovereignty, expressing ourselves as whole, generous and creative human beings. Look back on how this theme is reflected in the way you’ve weaved your hopes and dreams for the future since February and remember that sometimes it’s good to be kind to the less luminous parts of yourself as well. Venus trine Pluto can give you a hand to transform yourself and your relationships in good on this Eclipse.

We’re leaving July with 5 planets still retrograde and 2 eclipses in our bag- the interplay between outdated patterns and a new, better future is almost palpable this month. Check your Sun and/or Ascendant sign for more info on how this cosmic play unfolds for you!