January Monthly Horoscope - Pisces


Dear Pisces, the Solar Eclipse on the 5th influences your friendships, your involvements in groups of like-minded people, your avant-garde interests and your dreams for the future. This Eclipse marks a moment when you can shed dreams that no longer serve you and re-evaluate your friendships so that only what’s essential and meaningful to you and to your progress stays. What kind of groups would help you fulfill your mission? Here is a new beginning in this direction!

Venus entering Sagittarius on the 7th marks the start of a great time for improving your public image and doing the work that you love. You might be perceived as more attractive at work during this time! On the 13th, it could be a good time to make a plan or to set a clear intention regarding your future or your friendships/groups as Mercury conjuncts Saturn. If things feel limiting, remember that Saturn only wants to make your dreams more concrete! The 18th can be an intense day as your inner world could be more restless than usual, but the Venus-Mars trine can help you find balance, especially through investing your energy in concrete work. On the 20th, the Sun entering Aquarius marks the start of a more detached period when you’re supported to spend time in solitude and meditation and to immerse yourself in compassion. Follow your beliefs to avoid getting caught in fantasy too much.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st shows how you’ve been handling your daily work, lifestyle and health in the past months. At the peak of this creative cycle, you’re encouraged to reach a conclusion and to continue a path where you can fulfill your mission here on Earth with courage and with an open heart, taking care of your body and soul like a king or a queen. On the 22nd, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction brings good vibes and a dose of good luck in your career. Enjoy increased popularity and good news at work! Finally, on the 31st, Saturn’s sextile with Neptune can soften relationships with friends through a more compassionate vibe. At the same time, it can give you the pragmatism and the vision needed to start turning your dreams into reality!

Magical Dates:

Love: 4, 16, 29

Career: 22, 25, 7-31 (Venus transits your house of career)

Money: 18, 25

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon/Solar Eclipse: 1/5

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: 1/21

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