January Monthly Horoscope - Aquarius


Dear Aquarius, the Solar Eclipse on the 5th influences your inner world, your emotions, your spiritual practice, your dreams, creativity and escapist methods of choice. This Eclipse marks a moment when you can shed negative emotions and self-destructive tendencies in your life that no longer help you ascend. If during the past year, your inner world has been more turbulent than peaceful, now is a moment to slowly start anew and commit yourself more to your belief, to your spiritual practice, to your desire to help others.

Venus entering Sagittarius on the 7th marks the start of a great time for going out with friends, meeting like-minded people, being active for causes that you support or even practicing astrology/frontier sciences. On the 13th, Mercury’s conjunction to Saturn could activate some negative emotions- it could help to clear your mind through meditation. The 18th can be an intense day as deep emotions can push you to act in a more impulsive way than usual, but the Venus-Mars trine can help you find balance, especially in your interactions with others. On the 20th, the Sun entering your sign marks the start of a more detached period when you might finally feel at home after all the fire and the earth energy that’s been going on. Invest in yourself, in your unique interests and dare to shine during this time.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st shows how you’ve been handling your relationships and your partnerships in the past months. At the peak of this creative cycle, you’re encouraged to reach a conclusion and continue a path where you can engage in relationships authentically, with courage and an open heart. Self-other balance is challenged right now as you’re called to integrate individualism with a natural need for the “other”. On the 22nd, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction brings good vibes and a dose of good luck in your friendships and social involvements. Enjoy a productive group meeting, be generous with your friends and dare to dream big! Finally, on the 31st, Saturn’s sextile with Neptune can soften your inner space through a more (self) compassionate, dreamy touch. Be careful what your nighttime dreams are telling you during this time!

Magical Dates:

Love: 4, 29

Career: 18, 25

Money: 22, 25

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon/Solar Eclipse: 1/5

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: 1/21

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