February Monthly Horoscope - Aquarius


Dear Aquarius, issues linked to power, control, secrecy, especially in relation to siblings or people from your environment, could intensify around the 1st. A “make it or break it” kind of moment can face you with your strength to tell things as they are. On the 4th, the New Moon in your sign marks a fresh start in your life- it could be linked to career, relationships, health, self-expression. It’s all about YOU! Now you’ve got what it takes to speak your truth, learn, network- all for the bigger purpose of advancing on your path and better defining the way you present yourself to the world as an original, innovative, pure soul. Around the 13th, you might experience a conflict with a sibling or someone from your immediate environment, a sudden moment when lingering tension erupts. You can turn this into an opportunity to express authenticity and personal freedom, breaking free from harmful communication patterns, but do it mindfully, with respect for others as well as for yourself. Meditation or breathing exercises could help you calm an overactive mind at this time. Starting from the 14th, for the next two months you’re energized to invest steady, perseverent energy in your relationship with your family, in your home, in your inner world. You might be feeling less like going out and more like retreating in your nest- the domesticity could be frustrating at times, but using your energy in the right way can lead to good results. On the 19th, the Virgo Full Moon faces you with the results of your intimate, shared life with your partner since last September, as well as with how your deepest impulses, fears, desires have been manifesting. Have you managed to see your contribution in the couple, as well as those impulses through an at least slightly objective lens? Emotions can run high right now, so it’s best if you can retreat for a while and notice what arises in your inner world. Finally, on the 26th, old patterns linked to relationships and love, especially karmic relationships, can resurface. Allow for what’s happening now to guide you towards anchoring yourself more in the present moment that always alchemizes what has already passed.

Magical Dates:

Love: 3, 7, 9, 18, 23, 27

Career: 7, 27

Money: 3, 7

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 2/4

Full Moon: 2/19

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