December Monthly Horoscope - Taurus


Dear Taurus, around the 2nd, issues linked to relationships and partnerships that have been active at the end of October could finally wrap up, allowing you to move forward. This Venus retrograde might have not been an easy time for you, but by now, some things should be clearer. On the 7th, the Sagittarius New Moon can herald new beginnings when it comes to shared finances, intimacy, occultism, providing you with a desire to expand your knowledge and your experience in these areas. You might experience a clash between a tendency to act liberally and unconventionally and another tendency to hold on to deeply ingrained beliefs or desires about relationships or money. How can you pacify both? On the 12th, you might already be receiving some information that helps you manifest your New Moon intentions. On the 16th, an opportunity linked to partnerships, legal matters, higher studies or travel might appear, promoting a more solid commitment from your part. On the 22nd, the Cancer Full Moon shows that what has been cooking for the past months when it comes to your mind, your circle of friends, your style of receiving and sharing information (writing, speaking, social media) will now reach a point of fulfillment. How have you been intuitive in your thinking, honoring your unique ideas? Around the 24th, take care not to jump to conclusions in your intimate relationship or to distort things by ignoring the details. Finally, starting with the 31st, you might be feeling like it’s more difficult than usual to assert yourself and to take direct action, although you’re definitely inspired to do so. Take some time to reflect on your impulses; it’s also great if you can find an outlet for pent-up energy.

Magical Dates:

Love: 4, 17, 21; all month, as Venus is in your house of relationships

Career: 16

Money: 4, 21

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 12/7

Full Moon: 12/22

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