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December horoscopes

December Horoscopes


December Monthly Horoscope 2018

Dear readers,

December starts with a continuation of last month’s retrograde affairs. On the 1st, Mercury retrograde goes back into Scorpio. Hidden information linked to deep emotions, shared finances, intimate relationships might come to the surface now, especially regarding events that took place at the end of October.  It’s still a time of introspection rather than action or direct communication. On the 2nd, Venus enters Scorpio as well, this time direct as she revisits love, money and relationship issues that were active around the same month’s end. This time, a definitive ending or transformation of a relationship might take place, concluding the dilemmas we’ve faced starting with September, when Venus first ingressed in Scorpio. On the 6th, when Mercury goes direct as well, we can finally start to feel a release! It’s been an intense time of introspection and transformation, maybe often through less pleasant relationship experiences, but now that both Venus and Mercury are direct, we’re ready to integrate our lessons and move on. By the end of the month, we might feel parts of us rewritten and reborn.

Right on time for the Sagittarius New Moon on the 7th, a great opportunity for a fresh start! Set your intentions on this day regarding higher studies/higher knowledge, traveling abroad, widening your horizons. Decide to laugh more, experience more, be more, living your life as the adventure it is! This New Moon is in a (distant) conjunction with Jupiter, encouraging high spirits and a desire to expand our awareness in different ways. At the same time, the square with a very tight Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces shows a temptation to get lost in fantasy, to plan big things that are difficult to follow through, to ignore details and immerse ourselves completely in something for the sake of an idea or a belief. Be mindful of your approach right now- dare to think big, but temper your enthusiasm with a bit of practicality.

On the 12th, Mercury enters Sagittarius, this time in direct motion. Issues from the beginning of November linked to higher studies, traveling abroad, publishing, clashes of beliefs can now reach a conclusion, allowing you to move on. The seeds you’ve planted on the New Moon five days before could start to manifest already! On the 16th, Venus’ sextile with Saturn can materialize an opportunity to create or to deepen a relationship or a financial commitment. What has survived the Venus retrograde period can now become even more solid!

On the 21st, the Sun enters Capricorn. Saturn, Pluto and the South Node are currently in Capricorn as well, meeting us with challenges linked to our ambitions, ability to persevere with hard work, as well as to social expectations and norms. What social norms and structures have become redundant in your life? How can you persevere on your path in an authentic way, becoming your own authority? Reflect on these questions during this Capri season! On the 22nd, the Cancer Full Moon performs a balancing act, challenging us to integrate grit and vulnerability, pragmatism and intuition, career and private life. What has started this July linked to family, home, tradition, inheritance, inner space and inner safety has now come to fruition, facing us with the results of our efforts. Marked by Cancer’s deep sensitivity and Pisces Mars’ tendency towards fantasy and escapism, this is bound to be a highly emotional moment that challenges us to keep our calm and honor our deepest feelings without numbing them down with addictions or empty “shoulds”. Uranus in Aries mediates this watery celestial moment: right now, individuality, willpower and clear intention can help us break free from social or family conditioning and truly live out our potential.

A Mercury-Neptune square marks Christmas’ Eve on the 24th, predisposing us once more towards dreaming too big, misinterpreting information or jumping to conclusions, so think twice before you speak and don’t take things too personally! You can use the energy of this aspect in a positive way through prayer, meditation or occult study. On the 28th, a Venus-Pluto sextile can bring opportunities around shared finances (inheritances, taxes, debts) and can help us deepen relationship intimacy.

Finally, on the 31st, right before the New Year, Mars enters his home sign Aries! No more lethargy as our vital energy picks up the pace, supporting us to start new projects, embark on new adventures and find fresh ways of doing things. Until the 14th of February, action will be quick, inspired and creative, so if you’re thinking of a new beginning in your life, this is a great time to make it happen!

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