August Monthly Horoscope - Aquarius


Dear Aquarius, you might encounter some sudden obstacles or frustrations on the 1st when it comes to your self-image, your appearance or your life path. It might be necessary for you to bump heads with tradition so you can fully define yourself in contrast with it, but it’s best if you avoid rash actions and assert yourself in a balanced way instead. Venus entering your 9th house on the 6th marks a great time for traveling, publishing or starting new courses. However, Venus squares Saturn (the 9th) and Pluto (the 26th) this monththis month, there might be inner tensions or blockages that are keeping you from enjoying life and embarking on new adventures. Libra supports you to be friendly towards your shadows, finding inner peace and a love for progress beyond their attempts to bring you down. On the 7th, Uranus retrogrades in your 4th house, marking the start of a 6-month period where you might have sudden shifts in your attitude towards home and family. The Leo Solar Eclipse on the 11th shakes up your life when it comes to relationships and partnerships. Claiming power over the other or giving “unconditionally” but still waiting for rewards are not the best approaches right now. Why are you really generous? This Eclipse shows you how you’re mirrored by the other, be it a lover, a partner, a friend or a foe, and long-term it can help you better integrate detachment with warmth, altruism with personal motivation.  Mars retrograding in Capricorn on the 12th might bring up issues linked to solitude, spirituality, addictions or self-defeating thoughts, encouraging you one more time to reflect on what planning and taking responsibility mean to you in defining and presenting yourself to others.

On the 18th, the Venus-Mercury sextile shows an opportunity to go on an escapade with your partner or to successfully solve legal/publishing matters. Mercury going direct on the 19th eases your house of relationships and partnerships, removing blockages and maybe allowing some progress with the changes that were seeded on the Eclipse! On the 23rd, the Sun enters your 8th house, energizing you to travel within, to know yourself and your fears& impulses, to better manage shared resources, taxes or debts and to enjoy intense times in your intimate life. Especially with the Grand Earth Trine on the 25th, this is a great time to enjoy life with loved ones, as well as to invest in your inner life: meditation, reflection and ritual, with an emphasis on things that you’ve already initiated in the past. You are supported to take responsibility for your emotions and to reflect on them in a more pragmatic way.

The Pisces Full Moon brings to a conclusion what has started this March in the area of finances, material things and values. The best way to create value in your life right now, be it financial or not, is to dig deep into your psyche and to re-assert your commitment to self-knowledge. The shared resources of a relationship might be the first step towards using your own practical abilities in a meaningful way. How has this manifested for you since March? On the 27th, Mars goes direct- gone are the days of low energy, frustrations and blockages when it comes to your path, to the way others see you and to solitude/spiritual activity/addictions. Enjoy this relieving August end as your batteries get recharged to their full potential!

Magical Dates:

Love: See the Leo Eclipse on the 11th! 18, 25. Things are moving forward after the 19th.

Career: 7

Money: 19. See the Pisces Full Moon on the 26th  

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon, Eclipse:  8/11

Full Moon: 8/26

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