Monthly Horoscope - August Monthly Horoscope 2018


Dear readers,

If you were shaken up by July’s eclipses, get ready for a sequel! August packs up a punch as well, but this time with only one Solar Eclipse in Leo. The start of the month might find us brimming with unrest as retrograde Mars squares Uranus on the 1st  in a showdown between the need for comfort and the need for change. Better hold your horses for now, because Mars isn’t ready for direct action just yet! We might bump into some obstacles and frustrations at this time. On the 6th, egos inflate with the desire to rule and to possess as the Leo Sun squares Jupiter, but Venus entering Libra is ready to paint a calmer picture where equanimity and collaboration lie at the core of our relationships. The 7th is a perfect day for romance as Libra Venus trines Aquarius Mars, maybe re-igniting an old flame or helping you solve a past conflict. At this time, graceful Venus in Libra finds it easy to be receptive to different points of view. However, her squares with Saturn on the 9th and with Pluto on the 26th might find us in all kinds of relationship drama where themes of demandingness, inhibition or obsession take center stage. Be careful what you accept in the name of keeping the peace.

Another important event takes place on the 7th: Uranus starts retrograding! Freshly ingressed into Taurus, the sky god will appear to move backward until January 2019. The erratic and unconventional energy of this planet is now turned inwards, possibly giving rise to tension and to agitation on a mental or soul plane. However, this can often be the mobile of great change! When Uranus retrogrades, external changes in our lives are being prepared through the first step of inner change. Attitudes, thoughts and ideals can shift in unexpected ways during this time and past unresolved issues can spring back into consciousness, demanding their rights. What seems to be inner chaos can materialize into benefic change after Uranus goes direct!

The 8th tells us again to watch our egos and our words as the Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury in Leo. On a more positive tone, it’s a great day for intellectual investment in creative projects that we’ve started in the past. Especially on the 10th, be careful not to let sheer stubbornness lead you to ignore important details! As Jupiter squares the last Eclipse of the year in Leo on the 11th, exaggeration and lack of attention to detail might turn into trends. We might feel that the rug is being pulled from under our feet yet again, this time when it comes to personal sovereignty, identity and creativity. Relationship tensions can tempt us to claim our power in an exaggerated way, forgetting that no opinion is absolute.  On the contrary, we might find ourselves giving too much, being too generous with our resources and expecting rewards that soothe and build an unhealthy ego. Be mindful of the reality that you’re co-creating for the next 6 months- ideally one of courage, balanced self-confidence and creative power. Mercury retrograde in conjunction with this Eclipse encourages us to reflect on the influenced area of life and postpone brusque action. It’s okay if right now you feel like you’re far from your ideal self. Set your intentions and try to trust the Universe with this one!

On the 12th, retrograde Mars leaves electric Aquarius to enter the serious, tradition-loving Capricorn.  Until the end of Mars retrograde on the 27th, we might be feeling more sullen and irritable, especially when it comes to work and to responsibility. It’s a time to reconsider our approach to efficiency, giving patience a try and finding healthier ways to establish our inner and outer authority.

We have a breather from the 13th until the 18th, as no other major cosmic events take center stage. The Venus-Mercury sextile on the 18th shows an awesome opportunity to go out and socialize. On the 19th, Jupiter (now direct) trines Neptune. What we started around May 25th linked to spirituality, compassion or social matters might now show progress and good results, marking a moment when softness and emotional receptivity are key. The same day gives us Mercury going direct in Leo: after three retro weeks we can finally communicate more freely, with less interference from ego complexes, misunderstandings or tech issues.

On the 23rd, harvest time starts as the Sun enters Virgo! During this period of the year we become more serious and more work-oriented as we reap and organize the fruits of our labor since the Spring equinox. On the 25th, this earthy Sun forms a Grand Trine with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, supporting our projects with both stability (Saturn) and innovation (Uranus). Things we’ve initiated in the past could now show good results and it’s generally a suitable time to consolidate and strengthen practical endeavours that we’ve already started.

On the 26th, the Pisces Full Moon brings the emotional and spiritual cycle that we’ve started this March to a close. A focus on practical and daily life (Virgo) stands opposed to the Pisces reverie as we’re called to unify the sacred and the profane, the ocean and the drop. Since the Moon is the tip of a Kite pattern, the best way to do this is through using the mentioned Grand Earth Trine: through perseverance, patience and practical magic, we can infuse day to day life with higher meaning. On the 27th, Mars goes direct after two months of retrogradation! No more delays, out-of-nowhere anger and frustrations as progress is finally unhinged. Enjoy the newly (re)found freedom! On the 28th, issues that arose on the  10th linked to exchanges of any kind (ideas, goods, travels) might find a definitive solution. How will this August affect you? Read below for your Ascendant and/or sun sign!