July Monthly Horoscope - Aries


Dear Aries, in the first week of July, the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune are forming a Great Trine in your water houses (Sun-Jupiter trine on the 5th and Sun-Neptune trine on the 8th), so make the most of it by turning inwards and tending to your emotions through meditation or relaxation with loved ones. Starting with the 10th you can breathe easily, as Jupiter going direct in your 8th house can dissipate tensions and blockages that might have been influencing your debts, taxes, intimate life or occult pursuits since February. After what was meant to be uncovered was revealed, things are finally picking up the pace towards progress! On the 12th, the Cancer Solar Eclipse brings into focus your family life, your living situation and your deepest emotions. As much as you want things to go your way- and fast-, this Eclipse might shake you up and make you consider a new perspective, whether it’s another way to approach your folks, a new home or a deeper way of relating to your inner space. Don’t be afraid to let yourself be embraced by the unfamiliar, you’re good at it! The week between the 14th and the 21st will have you making adjustments as freedom-loving Mars (11th house) is inconjunct hard-working Venus (6th house) and fun-loving Mercury (5th house) is inconjunct serious Pluto (10th house). It’s best if you can find different outlets in your life for each of these energies. The Sun entering Leo on the 22nd heralds a month of fun and games for you, when you can light up your inner fire brighter than ever and share it with others through romance, creation and adventure. Remember to think twice before acting in these areas, though, starting with the 26th when Mercury retrogrades. Double check any holiday-related paperwork and make sure you find out more about that possible hot date before you jump in! The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th shows you how your dreams have materialized since this February, especially when it comes to friendships and group pursuits. Your desire to have fun and to shine for others might encounter a shadow side that is pure rebellion, brimming with anger and the wish to change or at least resist the status quo. Physical exercise could be of real help in helping you blow off some steam. Assuming leadership of some kind- even if it’s just sovereignty over your own contradictory impulses- can be a key for you this month.
Magical Dates:
Love: 5, 8, 11, 14, 22-31 (romance is lit!)
Career: 14
Money: 11, 14, 22, 27

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:
New Moon, Eclipse:  7/12
Full Moon, Eclipse: 7/27

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