August Monthly Horoscope - Aries


Dear Aries, you might encounter some sudden obstacles or frustrations on the 1st when it comes to groups, friendships or social causes. Try to avoid rash actions for asserting your independence and choose the milder path instead. On the 6th, get ready for romance as Venus enters your 7th house! You are now more other-oriented and sensitive to how people view you. A new romance or a new partnership is not excluded. However, Venus squares Saturn (the 9th) and Pluto (the 26th) this monththis month, your shadow side (maybe an obsessive or controlling streak, or a tendency to let yourself stripped of power by others) could be revealed in your relationships. Stay aware! On the 7th, Uranus retrogrades in your 2nd house, marking the start of a 6-month period where you might have sudden shifts in your values, in how you treasure yourself or in your attitude towards money. The Leo Solar Eclipse on the 11th shakes up the areas of pleasure, romance and creativity for you. Your demons might also come to the surface at this time (Jupiter in the 8th house squaring the Eclipse)- even if you can’t always control some darker impulses, try to bring them to awareness instead of letting them lead you into self-righteous attitudes or unlimited pleasures. Long-term, this Eclipse will help you better inhabit your creative, sovereign self. Mars retrograding in Capricorn on the 12th might bring up career issues that you’ve encountered this May, encouraging you one more time to reflect on what responsibility and effectiveness really mean to you when it comes to your life path.

On the 18th, the Venus-Mercury sextile might give you the opportunity to solve an old conflict with a significant other or to improve communication with your business partner. Mercury going direct on the 19th eases your house of romance and creativity, removing blockages and maybe allowing some progress with the changes that were seeded on the Eclipse! On the 23rd , the Sun enters your 6th house, marking a time where work and health take center stage in your life. Especially with the Grand Earth Trine on the 25th, this is a great time to invest in your physical body, your financial affairs and your work, with an emphasis on things that you’ve already initiated in the past.

The Pisces Full Moon brings to a conclusion what you’ve started this March regarding solitude, spirituality, compassion or addictive patterns. Good material results and an awareness for the concrete world around you can open up a deeper layer of perception. At this time it’s best if you avoid falling back onto old addictions and choose awareness instead. How has this manifested for you since March? On the 27th, Mars goes direct- gone are the days of low energy, frustrations and delays in your work and in your social activities! Enjoy this relieving August end as your batteries get recharged to their full potential!

Magical Dates:

Love: 6-31 (Venus in your house of relationships!), especially 7 and 18

Career: 27

Money: 7, 18

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon, Eclipse:  8/11

Full Moon: 8/26

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