April Monthly Horoscope - Pisces


Dear Pisces, Mercury is turning direct on the 15th in your house of finances and resources, so things are starting to move again on the money front, with less mishaps or delays. However, you might still feel somehow restricted in this area, especially on the 5th and the 25th. The Aries New Moon on the 15th encourages you to set new, bold intentions regarding your investments and the way you use your talents to give back to the world.

Saturn is going retrograde on the 17th and Pluto on the 22nd , both in your 11th house of friendships, groups and future dreams. Until September, you might encounter insecurities, delays or obstacles when it comes to your friendships or to integrating in groups. Your leisure time and your outlook on the future might seem temporarily bleak and this is not a time to make major decisions, but turn inwards instead to foster new responsibility towards a cause, more committed and profound friendships, more solid plans for the future. Patience is required as you work towards what matters to you, especially on the 2nd and the 26th, two intense days when you feel motivated to invest in your connections and your future visions, yet not without strife. Remember that any sense of isolation you might feel can be a base for a transformation in your consciousness.

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 29th brings light to how you’ve been handling your higher education, your travels and your quest for truth since last November. Whatever you started then is now bearing fruit, yet Jupiter retrograde in the same house with the Moon shows that you’ve still got some inner work to do when it comes to exploring and finding your own truth. With your 3rd and 4th houses activated as well, this month is also a good time to invest in acquiring new information and spending time in your safe home space.

Magical Dates:
Love: after 15, when Mercury, ruler of your relationships, goes direct. 17, 18
Career: 14
Money: 11, 14, 24

Don’t Make Any Decisions:
Mercury Retro:  1-15

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:
New Moon:  4/15
Full Moon: 4/29

April Summary

Are you still recovering after last month’s Full Moon avalanche? Well, there were just two of them, but it was probably enough to mark March as an intense month! April brings a fresh start in our lives. The Astrological New Year started at the Equinox is inaugurated by Aries and continues with the ingress of Sun in Taurus on the 19th this month. This date marks a transition from child-like enthusiasm and lust for life to a steadier, more practical approach, where spring has bloomed with a bang and is now slowing down to nurture and to maintain her progress.

Mercury’s had enough of his backwards movement across the sky and is turning direct on the 15th, so no more mix-ups and miscommunications for now, but this has only been child’s play compared with Saturn and Pluto’s retrogradations in Capricorn, starting with the 17th, respectively with the 22nd. These are two of the heaviest forces in our charts, so until September, when they station direct again, things will surely get serious! We’re more likely to see our responsibilities and the structures that we’ve build until now as weighting us down, so it’s a great time to slow down, simplify and restructure. It’s essential now to look inwards for our personal power and for our ability to transform ourselves, reflecting on how we can use inner alchemy to strengthen our will.

However, outer circumstances might not always be in our favour: we can get muddled up by delays or obstacles and feel like we’re not moving forward as we’d wish. Don’t despair if you need to take extra time for your responsibilities or if anxiety wants to bring you down sometimes. Everything in the Universe works through cycles and this April-September period is a test to our diligence, strength and willpower. We usually want to dart forward and get it all done, but now it’s best to have patience and to do our inner work in solitude, assessing our progress, separating what is essential from what is not and revisiting the attitude we have towards life obstacles- Capricorn style.

On a lighter note, it’s a great season when it comes to love with Venus transiting her home sign Taurus until the 24th, when steady sensuous pleasure turns into curiosity and need for stimulation with her ingress into Gemini. The harmonious aspects that she makes with Mars, Saturn and Pluto this month shout intensity, focus and transformation. The Aries New Moon on the 15th asks us to tune in into the spring spirit with enthusiasm and big plans- it’s a great time to set your intentions for this season! Later on, the Scorpio Full Moon on the 29th brings to our awareness how the efforts we’ve started last November have helped us grown into a stronger, more self-aware and more emotionally mature person, maybe not always through fun and games.

Remember these dates for April: the 2nd is a great day for mobilizing yourself and doing all that hard work that you’ve postponed until now, the 4th and 5th might bring forward some extra Mercury retro miscommunication, so it’s best to quiet your mind and speak from the heart instead and the 7th and the 11th might make it easier for you to manifest love and inner balance, with the 11th also provoking your usual patterns to be challenged and transformed. Be careful not to over-indulge yourself on the 17th and remember to keep honesty a must in your relationships- things might get really intense when it comes to love in this period! The 18th might bring a vibe of strangeness and unpredictability, which you roll with best by embracing change and the possible craziness that comes with it. On the 25th, you might re-visit some communication issues that you encountered on the 5th this month, while the 26th offers you almost super-human resources to work intensely and passionately. Finally, on the 29th, things might seem just right with the world, even with the possible setbacks you’ve experienced lately.

How will this super-intense April influence you? Read below to find out! Remember to first check your Ascendant sign if you know it, then take a look at your Sun sign as well.

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