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A Little New Moon Magic

Just a little seed of intention can bloom realities bigger and more beautiful than your wildest dreams.


As we approach the new moon in Libra, energy is in the air, and it's the perfect time to manifest that energy to turn your dreams into reality. Just as farmers used the phases of the moon to guide their farm chores, astrologers believe this is an optimum time to do the same for your goals.  Ancient farmers believed that when they followed the cycles of the moon, they would produce the best crops, so they planted during a new moon. This is because the moon governs moisture (including tides) on earth and during a new moon, the ground becomes wet and fertile.  It is the optimum time to plant ensuring their seeds had moisture and support it needed. Astrologers today still utilize this same thought process, except it is applied to life. A new moon in astrology is the time for planting seeds for the future (otherwise known as intentions). The moments and days following the new moon are regarded as the optimum time period for sharing any desires, needs or changes you want to unfold in your life with the universe.  It is also common that new people, events or opportunities will arise around this time for you. This is why it is especially important that you must not only hold an image or vision of what you want to manifest in your life, you must also make it known, holding steadfast to the knowledge it will come. The energy of the new moon will nourish this goal of yours.

For full details and instructions on how to make New Moon intentions be sure to check out the Shereen x blog post A Spell for The New Moon in Libra: This Can Make Dreams Come True

Also, be sure to check out our brand new A Little New Moon Kit to make this 

The Little Spell Kits Series is a two part system designed to empower you to step into your own magic.  It is grounded on the LAW OF ATTRACTION and only requires your clear, concise and intense desire to make changes in your life.  We are strong believers in the power humans have to will or manifest their desires and dreams, through focused thought and intention.  If you're anything like us, you might need a little guidance or assistance to communicate your goals to the Universe.  Our kits guide you through this process in a simple, fun and easy way!  

So you say you want changes in love, career or well being?  What does this new and improved you look like?  Drawing a blank?  Join the masses!  Most people get stuck right there.  They know they want something different but are missing a clear, concise and passionate intention to manifest these changes in their life.  Part one of our kits help you create exactly that, through proven, guided exercises.  

So you've got this clear vision of the new and improved you, now what?  It's time for part two of the Little Spell Kits series.  You have to attach some emotion, positive, happy and grateful FEELINGS to that vision. Part two shows you exactly how to get there!  Combining emotions with visions is how the law of attraction works.  The universe responds to our emotions and the thoughts/visions we believe about ourself, then delivers exactly what we hold within. 

What's the catch?  Why are we offering this amazing, guided manifestation kit for only $35?  Well, once upon a time (or many times), our founder was exactly in your shoes.  She found herself using the same process to manifesting changes in her life, career, love life, wellness, etc (see Andy's story below for more on that).  On one occassion in particular, she envisioned herself running a sucessful business helping others empower themselves, through private, guided, DYI products on the cheap.  This birthed My Little Magic Shop.  She realized her calling was to help others discover they are special, magical and capable of creating anything they dare to dream of.   

Give a man some fish, he has dinner.  Teach a man how to fish, and he can never go hungry.  We are giving you a kit to help you learn to fish, in privacy.  

We currently have 7 kits available, each focused on a different area of life; love, career or well being.