Week of 10/15-10/21

Happy Birthday, Libra!!  This New New Moon is your annual birthday New Moon, giving you the ability to manifest your desires for the upcoming year.  However, this year, there are are two sides to this New Moon coin as Uranus is kind of throwing a monkey wrench into your uber positive vibes, forcing you to potentially rejigger to get what you want.  Let’s start with the monkey wrench.  Think back to the Full Moon last April 11th for some clues as to what could come up.  If something unexpected does comes your way, it might bring up some unexpected people issues you did not plan for and you might feel like someone is trying to control you.  It’s not you, it’s them, and maybe all you need is some space.  Now that you know, you can pick it up easily with your spidey senses and keep it moving.  On the happy side of the coin, The very fortunate thing is just the day before (on Wednesday), Jupiter and Mercury are teaming up in your earned income house.  Do you smell the money!!??  You will have Jupiter going through your earned income house for the next year, blessing you with more opportunities than you can count when it comes to getting your worth and more.  So, listen, as annoying as the person bothering you is on this New Moon might be, the Universe does things that feel very frustrating in the moment, but usually turn out to be in our best interest.  So, if you find things are not going your way, best believe there is a greater plan at stake and know that you are being guided in the direction you need to go.  And maybe it’s time just high time you stood up for yourself and fight for your authenticity.  Moreover, if there are any unhealthy habits you’ve been holding on regarding being the truly magical being you are and sharing that person with the world, this is the most optimum time for you to address and defeat them for good.  Think about how you can be more authentic, show yourself more self love, and what habits you need to shed to make these changes.  This New Moon is the perfect time to reassess.  Please take advantage of the New Moon energy and at least write down some New Moon intentions for what changes you really want.

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