Leo Weekly Horoscope

Dear Leo, if you have been thinking of taking the next big step, you should probably wait a while because this week it’s not a great time to buy a new house, make big changes to your home or start a family , but rather to reconsider your emotions and your values regarding these matters. Maybe it's not a time when you feel like life is offering you the security you’d need. Venus retro gives you time to think about how you can feel cared for and truly establish a sense of inner and outer safety and stability in your life. The 19th is a great day for retreating in your own private, dreamy world as Mercury trines Neptune. You can also use the aspect’s soothing energy to tone down any arising conflicts in your family as Mars sends a square to Mercury on the same day. Compassion towards yourself and towards family members is very important at this time.

While this period is not great for big changes, it is great for nourishing yourself and feeling secure. If you are having difficulty doing so, you can always use Orgone Color Resin - Root Chakra Pyramid to help you establish a feeling of security.

Magical Dates:

Love: -

Career: 15

Money: 15, 19

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: -

Full Moon: -


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In mid-summer, when it enters Leo, the Sun is king of the sky. It shines bright and shares its warmth with the world, just like a Leo Sun native at their best. The season is hot and getting drier: just as dry elements separate from each other, Leo makes a clear distinction between him and the rest of the world. With the Sun being at home in this sign, the power of ego and individuality has the chance to fully manifest outwards through unabashed self-expression, creativity and love.

The self is a celebration with the Sun in Leo, and a celebration is rarely a one-man affair. Your soul’s purpose is to make your inner world come to life by manifesting it in the exterior, be it through a concrete form of art such as dancing or acting or through simply being yourself moment by moment. Either way, you need an audience! This can be a great gift but also a liability. Remembering the Sun’s gravity and ability to offer warmth, you can bring people together like moths around a lightbulb, captivating them with your presence and your generosity.

The fire of Leo is not a wandering fire, but a fixed one: you are loyal to your loved ones, to your beliefs and to your own will. This, however, might make it even more difficult to see yourself from the outside. As the archetype of the King/Queen and of the Hero, you’re bound to see yourself as special and to project this confidence to others as well. Sometimes, though, when they don’t respond as you wish, you can feel invisible, deprived. Then it’s best to turn inwards and find, as a true sovereign, love (for others, but also for yourself) and humility standing side by side with royalty. When you truly connect to your heart, you shine genuinely and without any ostentation.

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