The Ultimate Sage Cleansing Kit

The Ultimate Sage Cleansing Kit


If you are looking to rid your body and home of bad vibes, this is the kit you need! This master kit, help you push all the stress and anxiety of the day bye bye. Sage is known to replace sticky, heavy vibes with calm, soothing and beautiful energy that radiates positive vibes. Without us even noticing it, negative energy seeps into our spaces and leaves a trail of illness, negativity, and melancholy.

By prioritizing energy cleansing in your daily schedule, you’re optimizing for harmony and balance in your life. Moments with family are filled with happiness and that much more fulfillment. We often get caught up in the day to day and so Sage Cleansing is the perfect remedy for stress and anxiety and it truly rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul.

If you want to relieve yourself of stress, live in a more happy and positive space and get rid of the bad vibes that have inhabited your home then we’ve curated the perfect set of tools for you in ‘The Ultimate Sage Cleansing Kit’. We’ve handpicked the best tools for you to fully cleanse your home. By buying ‘The Ultimate Sage Cleansing Kit’ you will get:

  • An Abalone Shell- The ocean, with its ferociously crashing waves but calm shores, is a very sacred place. Holding an abalone shell in your hand or just having it near you connects you to the ocean’s radiant energy.


  • A Caudron - Our lovely metal cauldron features three ornate legs, two matching handles and the ethereal image of a Goddess on the front. This wonderful cauldron will add flare to any room or altar, and is the perfect size for brews, incense and smudges.

  • A Smudger- Complete your smudging process by using a smudging feather to spread the herbs mixed with an Abalone Shell.

  • Smudge Herbs Clusters California White Sage- Sage is a very sacred herb around the world, particularly in North America. In the process of smudging, smoke attaches to negative energy in the air and cleanses it, converting it to positive energy.

  • Smudge Sticks Mini White Sage (pack of 3)- These smudge sticks used in the smudging process are prized for their strong aromatic properties.

  • Wood Tripod Display Stand - To stand your Abalone Shell.

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Each Kit Includes Your Choice of a Abalone Shell or Goddess Cauldron, a 7 Feather Smudger and Two types of Sage.

  • Metal Cauldron with Print Goddess OR Abalone Shell (your pick)

  • Smudge Sticks Mini White Sage (pack of 3)

  • Smudge Herbs Clusters California White Sage

  • 7 Feather Smudger