I Am Open: Ultimate Road Opener Kit

I Am Open: Ultimate Road Opener Kit


xI Am Open: Crystals and Candles to Remove Blocks. Ultimate Road Opener Kit

- Are you unsure about which path to take in life?
- Or are you searching for that extra bit of clarity?

Then what you need is to submerge yourself in a crystal clear, warm energy to help you materialize the opportunities before you. Life often throws hurdles at us and it’s normal for us to have to find our own ways to leap over them. However, when these hurdles start to multiply, a bit of outside help can do us the world of good.

Using this ritual unlocks your ability to envision a clear path filled with opportunities and take the actionable steps towards achieving your goals and aspirations. When you surround yourself with this energy it’s pure bliss, decisions become easier, opportunities grow in number and your life grows in abundance.

If you would like to gain clarity in what you are doing and receive the opportunities that will allow you to prosper in life then we have the perfect set of tools for you in the ‘I Am Open’ kit. We’ve selected all the necessary items to set you on the right path. By purchasing the ‘I Am Open’ kit you will get:

  • Snowflake Obsidian Bracelet- Don a minimalistic bracelet that assists with your inner journey. Snowflake Obsidian helps to expel a “poor me” attitude from you soul.

  • Black Tourmaline Wire Wrapped Pendant with 8" Black Waxed Necklace Cord- Raw, rough, natural black tourmaline crystal wrapped in pure copper to top of a simplistic but eye-catching pendant necklace. Tourmaline acts as a daily disinfectant of the soul.

  • Selenite Stick Wand- Wave it over your head, in the same way, that you would do with a stick of burning sage and let the wand do its magic of cleansing your aura.

  • White Sage Hem Incense Cones- A praised set of incense sticks made from select woods, resins florals and fine essential oils all blended skillfully with expert care and love.

  • Organza Bag- Store both your work essentials and your other items from the kit in this soft and minimalistic bag. Feel the reminiscence of fond memories grow upon you.

  • Manifest a Miracle Soy Herbal Filled Votive- A great scented candle for when you want to get in touch with your sacred side and experience something miraculous.

  • Problem Solving Soy Herbal Filled Votive- A great scented candle for when you want to get in touch with your sacred side and come up with a solution to the problem that’s been bugging you.

  • Citrine Tumbled Stone- Named after the French word for lemon, everything about this yellow gemstone emanates joy and positivity.

  • Aventurine Tumbled Stone- Caressing this stone creates a wonderful sense of harmony and balance. Known as the ‘opportunistic stone’, it invites wealth, happiness and abundance into your life.

  • Clear Quartz Worry Stone- These translucent, crystal clear stones are as clear as ice and are therefore meant to promote decisiveness and inclusivity.

Save up to 29% by purchasing the kit compared to buying each item separately!

*Please note that these kits will be updated, upgraded and tweaked often to ensure you have the most magical items for the exact intention you are going for. Due to this, the contents of your kit may vary slightly. If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to us.

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