I Am Creative: Crystals and Candles for Creativity

I Am Creative: Crystals and Candles for Creativity


-Are you feeling like you are running out of ideas?
-Or are you hitting a major creative block?

Then all you need is a playful, creative energy around you to spark up your own creativity. When you are in a pure creative state - it’s pure bliss. Hundreds of ideas flow into your mind, and the smallest things can inspire you. Each idea, better than the last and each idea constantly getting improved.

And not only that, but this state of pure creative bliss is also making you more positive, happy and joyful because you finally see a new, more beautiful perspective. Especially when you break through your creative block the joy is overwhelming. And the perspective you are seeing is the one where the word impossible is just fiction. Because with your creativity - everything is possible and you know it!

If you want to awaken your own creativity and push through those pesky creative blocks then we have for you a perfect set of tools in our I Am Creative crystal kit. We have gathered the best tools for helping you be as creative as possible.

Save 26% by purchasing the kit compared to buying each product separately!

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By buying the I Am Creative Kit you will get:

Soy Herbal Filled Votive Candle Creativity - A little aromatherapy to help you get reinvigorated with joy and invite the creative energies from the crystals to help you.

White Sage Incense - To help you focus during meditations and cleanse your crystals.

A set of powerful crystals for creativity excellent for meditations:

Selenite Stick Wand - Excellent for cleansing yourself, your aura and promoting healthy energy flow through your body. Selenite is also known as “Liquid Light” because of its cleansing and balancing energy.

Carnelian - Once you program your Carnelian with your intentions, it’s playful vibes will intensify the frequencies you are sending out, bringing bursts of creative geniusness in your life. Excellent for connecting with the Sacral Chakra, the very center of Life Energy flow in your body.

Fancy Jasper - Need a more practical approach rather than bursts of ideas? Then Fancy Jasper is an amazing crystal that boosts problem-solving skills!

Orange Calcite - If you are trying to push through a creative block then Orange Calcite is here to help you. It’s gentle yet fiery healing nature helps in dissolving energy blockages that prevent you from reaching your true potential.

Citrine Pendant - an amazing piece of crystal jewelry, filled with the strong creative energies of Citrine. When you need creativity in your life, bring your citrine pendant to radiate with creativity wherever you go!

Mini Crystal Kit Includes:

  • Orange Calcite

  • Carnelian

  • Fancy Jasper

  • Citrine

  • Selenite

*Please note that these kits will be updated, upgraded and tweaked often to ensure you have the most magical items for the exact intention you are going for. Due to this, the contents of your kit may vary slightly. If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to us.